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Bryan Kemila Fine Art EXPERIENCE

Lady Solomon – “Lady of the Sun and Moon”

Sculpted masterpiece by international artist and sculptor Bryan Kemila.

Lady Solomon – “Lady of the Sun and Moon”

Titled “Lady Solomon” erupting from the Yellowstone Caldera which is located upon the 11 Western United States.
These states comprise the last form of Solomon’s Temple, the place of sacrifice, long sought after but never discovered until these days of secrecy being revealed by the artist.
The intended sacrifice originated many millennium previous based on the agenda of nine and eleven (9/11), the outward manifestation of the Ego and Thought.

This masterpiece holds within its form and within the writings attributed to this work the occult hidden manipulation which is hidden no more.
Understanding the absence of “time and space” lends understanding and credence to this master work.

List Price: $250,000.00 USD.

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Total height – 7’1″
Total height of Eileen figure – 5’4″
Total weight of statue and base – 180 lbs. approximately.
Resin construction enhanced with symbolic woods and stone relating to Solomon’s Temple.
Multi layered hand carved and hand rubbed enamel finish.