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I love that these slippers come with individual pouches that make them travel friendly and great gifts for guests. Since purchasing them, I've worn them time and time again, washing and reusing them. They are light, soft, and comfortable to wear around carpeted floors if you don't want to be wearing socks in the house. They really do mold well to the shape of your feet over time so for someone who doesn't like to wear socks in the house, these slippers are perfect! Guests will love them too!
Adam Sendler
Love these! I’m an esthetician. Wanted something for my guest to put on when they remove their shoes. Theses are perfect!! Love them. So affordable. I was going to wash them after each use. However I may just give it to them as a gift!
Mila Kunis
These are much better quality than some other of the same type slippers on here. We got these for my brothers wedding for people to use if their feet hurt, they were all gone very fast! These come in two sizes, a womens size and a mens size and come in individual bags which looked great in a metal bucket at the wedding!.
Mike Sendler