5 Frequently Asked Questions About Slippers

When you are on a trip, you don’t want to be burdened by bare essentials. Of course, you would still have to carry them or keep them handy. But if there is something that you might not have to pack, seize the opportunity! One such bare necessity is footwear. Slippers are especially central to this discussion. Sometimes, you can’t walk around in chunky shoes or high heels. Slippers or flip flops are something that you simply can’t do without. You obviously wouldn’t want to walk around barefoot in your room all the time. But that’s not the only use for slippers. Imagine that you’re walking down to the hotel’s swimming pool. Or, maybe you just want to explore the cafe around the corner on a free evening. These are scenarios where slippers become indispensable. 

However, carrying multiple pairs of shoes on a trip might seem redundant. Even if that’s the case, it is never a good idea to cross out slippers! When you’re on a trip, a pair of slippers is an absolute requirement. But what kind of slippers do you need? Some questions are bound to come into your mind. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that come up around slippers.

What slippers work the best on wood floors?

Wood is a common material indoors. A lot of people like the quaint feel of wooden flooring, You are very likely to come across smooth wooden flooring in hotels too. So you need slippers that are specifically good for this kind of flooring. Naturally, you need something that offers a really good grip. Rubbery slippers with an outsole would be ideal for this job. Their rubber soles have excellent grip, it will instantly cut down on your chances of skidding or slipping. Get something that has a soft interior. The hardwood flooring can tire out the arches in the muscles. So something that pampers the muscle arches in the soles of your feet. 

What slippers do you need for wet surfaces?

Slippers are eponymous to the easy slip-on motion that can get them on your feet. They certainly do NOT refer to shoes that will make you skid. Say, you are walking on the poolside. You can’t avoid the puddles of water. A damp surface like that should immediately make you cautious. And still, you run the risk of slipping. If you are walking over wet surfaces, you should be prepared with appropriate footwear. You need slippers that can deal with this kind of surface. 

In a situation like this, you need to be able to pull up slippers that are up to the task. Something that can survive water is what you are looking for. Plastic slippers that have a water-repellent exterior can be your savior in a situation like this. These won’t stick to damp surfaces, and won’t absorb any water either. They need to be tough and with a well-ridged bottom. This will increase the slippers’ anti-skid properties. Plus, of course, you need waterproof slippers for a walk on a wet surface! 

What size slippers do you need?

How many times have you seen or heard of kids falling over in oversized flip flops? Probably more than enough. This is because slippers aren’t closed shoes. They aren’t effectively tied to your feet like, say, sneakers are. So naturally, you want slippers that fit well. You can’t have them hang off your feet. On the other hand, something that is smaller than your size won’t work either. That will just be painful and uncomfortable. Besides, it’s never recommended to squeeze your feet into undersized slippers for long hours. So ideally, you want a pair of slippers that are sized exactly as your normal shoes are. 

Keep in mind that shoes are sized differently according to different brands. So make sure you have the right size for your feet. Also, you have to take into consideration sock habits. If you are someone who enjoys wearing songs indoors, it is relevant to this discussion. In that case, it wouldn’t hurt to try on slightly larger slippers. These will accommodate your socks without suffocating your feet.

What slippers are the best for carpeted floors?

Carpets are tricky. These aren’t like regular floors. You can’t just randomly sweep them when they get dirty. Vacuuming doesn’t complete the trick either. So while carpets are very comfortable to walk over, they are difficult to maintain. You need to keep your carpet clean. Going barefoot is not an adoption because that can dirty your carpets. At the same time, you can’t walk around in shoes inside the house. So a pair of thin-soled rubber slippers would be perfect. Or, you might be in a place to ditch the conventional slippers entirely! Warm, fuzzy slipper socks could be perfect for walking around on carpeted floors. That way, you aren’t technically barefoot. But you don’t have to go hunting for the perfect pair of slippers to wear indoors either. Another option will be moccasin-styled slippers. These are conventionally popular with men. They look like phenomena while serving the purpose flawlessly. 

How should you take care of your slippers?

Slippers are supposed to stay on your feet for really long hours. You are technically meant to have them on for quite some time. Most slippers have an open design. That means that they aren’t as prone to odor as closed shoes are. At the same time, taking care of them is necessary. 

Your feet do smell after a long day outside. When you kick off your shoes and turn in for the day, give your feet some time to breathe. This will reduce the possibility of your slippers catching on to any odor at all. Maintenance will become all the easier. Also, washable slippers are an option. You can wash them gently every couple of weeks or so. This will keep your slippers from looking too old and worn out too soon. 

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