Hotel Slipper Sole, Did You Choose The Right One?

Have you ever wondered what the hotel slippers’ soles material is? It’s wise to be aware of the options so that you can opt for the right one. You have to find the right material for the hotel slippers and also focus on the sole!

You may be enjoying life to the fullest while working from home. You may miss the comfy hotel slippers, and probably, you may wonder about buying one for yourself. On the other hand, you could be owning a hotel and thinking of adding complementary slippers! Or maybe you want the best slippers for the spa and pool so that your guests can enjoy their stay at the hotel. In any case, you have to find the perfect slippers for your customers.

Let’s find out more about the hotel slippers sole.

Types of Hotel Slippers Sole

When you stay at different hotels and get hotel slippers, focus on the sole! You may notice a difference in the material of the sole. You may not know this, but the quality of the product matters a lot. There are different types of hotel slippers sole, such as:

Hotel Slippers with Cardboard Sole

If the sole of the hotel slippers is composed of cardboard, then you have to be careful in the slippery areas. Therefore, you must select the proper slippers for the right place. For example, this type of slipper may not sound ideal for the pool areas! Thus, you can buy such slippers only for use in hotel rooms so that your guests can easily walk around the hotel floor. Therefore, you must define your purpose for purchasing the hotel slippers so that you can decide accordingly. So, if you want to get hotel slippers at an affordable price, you can consider the ones with the cardboard sole.

Hotel Slippers with Thermoplastic Rubber Material Sole

You can get hotel slippers made of thermoplastic rubber material (abbreviated as TPR). It’s designed to be durable and can bear wear and tear. You may also find a variety of shoes with TPR soles so that it can give you some idea! When selecting the hotel slippers sole, it’s also wise to consider the price as you know your budget better than others! Your supplier can guide you better about the hotel slippers sole and its quality.

Hotel Slippers with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sole

Your hotel slippers sole can be made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (abbreviated as EVA). If you use the hotel slippers with this kind of sole, your customers may find it easy to clean. Plus, if there is a spa area in the hotel, you can also keep the slippers in that area! So let your customers use the EVA sole slippers on the carpet or in the spa. The point here is to make your guest feel special and luxurious, and that’s why it’s wise to invest in the right sole for the slippers!

Hotel Slippers with A Cloth Sole

The sole of your hotel slippers can be composed of cloth. You can wash these hotel slippers in the washing machine, but it’s suitable for use on the wooden floor. When investing in the hotel slippers, find a reliable supplier who can give you enough information on the material.

There are also other types of soles that you may find! But, again, you can get the details from your seller. You can check the product details when placing an order for the hotel slippers online. Next time you plan a visit to a place and the hotel gives you slippers. You can see the sole and take a mental note of what’s suitable! You can go as a guest to different places to do your research and find the ones that can be great for your business!

Tips to Keep In Mind When Buying The Hotel Slippers

When you consider buying the hotel slippers, the following tips may help:

  • Make sure you find a reliable supplier for your slippers. Always keep a backup plan! If your supplier is unavailable, what are you going to do about the slippers!
  • It’s wise to put your logo on the hotel slippers. Doing so can help in the branding of your hotel. It can also act as word of mouth, especially if you provide complimentary slippers to your guests.
  • Invest in hotel slippers of high quality. The sole has to be non-slip, especially when you get it for the spa or the pool area.
  • Do thorough research on the color and design of the hotel slippers. Make sure the slippers you get for the guests are of good design.
  • When you are buying the hotel slippers online, make sure you see the relevant features and specifications. You have to see the details before making a final decision. You can also ask for the sample slippers from the supplier.
  • Find affordable hotel slippers, but also make sure it’s of good quality. You have to make your guests feel at home when using your hotel slippers.
  • The hotel slippers can be a great way to grab the attention of your potential customers. You can provide such things to make the stay of your guests more comfortable. It shows good customer service and the fact that you care about the comfort of your customers. You can also offer other amenities that make the stay outstanding for the customers.

Wrapping It Up

It’s vital to select the right hotel slippers, and similarly, the sole of the hotel slippers has to be great! You have to aim for high-quality hotel slippers to grab the attention of your customers. It’s a good idea to give complimentary slippers to your guests with your hotel’s logo on them. Your guests are your priority, so you have to see the most viable option out there. Find a reliable supplier and find out if the slippers you get are to be used on the carpet or whether it’s suitable for the pool area of your hotel. In any case, you have the final say-so choose wisely.

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