The COVID And Hotel Amenities

Covid-19 has shaken us. It has upturned the normal day-to-day lives of every single individual on the planet. And, the hospitality industry was one of the worst affected. Every person related to or connected to the industry faced several crises. Eventually, people began to adapt to the conditions laid down due to the pandemic.

A lot of changes had to be brought in the tourist, travel, and hospitality sectors. Hotels had to change their ways of handling clients, employees, management, etc.

Hotel amenities need to face serious modifications. Keeping up with the times is important. This will keep the staff, visitors, and other employees safe from the pandemic.

Keep it clean at all times

The first and ultimate goal of every hotel or resort is to keep the campus clean and sanitized.

Hotels and resorts must remain healthy, sanitized, and clean.  From every doorknob to every piece of furniture, everything needs to be sterilised.  it is necessary to protect the staff, visitors, and guests from the covid-19 virus.

Modern high-tech solutions for sanitization can also be used.  They can be very helpful for constant cleaning of the surroundings. Likewise, the availability of full-body sanitization at the entrance of the hotel could also help with keeping Covid at bay.

Vaccination certificate or recent PCR test reports

The hotels must check for vaccination certificates or recent PCR test reports. It will help them to know whether the guests are protected from the virus or not. Hotels and resorts could start conducting covid rapid anti-agent tests too. This can protect their staff and management from getting infected. Temperature checking at the entrance of the hotels and resorts is another way. It is a significant practice that the management of every hotel and resort should follow. Checking the temperature of visitors and guests is elementary. It is the primary to check a person for covid symptoms. it can determine whether a person has a fever. They can then receive further attention for covid-19.

Changing touchpoints and maintaining social distance

day-to-day operations in any hotel face interactions with an uncountable number of people. They can come from different ends of the world. Hotels are changing how guests and employees interact with one another. Touch-free check-ins and check-outs had to be made available to all visitors and guests. Most hostels can create an app for this. This will connect the guests to the electronic amenities. Plus, they won’t have to switch their devices on or off physically. This will also effectively reduce contact. Guests and visitors will not have to make contact with the surfaces.

Maintaining a social distance of six feet is of paramount importance. It is an efficient method to control the virus from spreading.

Minimalistic designs

The pandemic has made sanitisation essential. Every household, office, and community centre needs to sterilise their physical environment. Hotels and Restaurants are no stranger to the new norms of cleanliness. The interaction between people is maximum in the hotels. So, it has become mandatory for the hotel staff to clean and sanitize every corner and edge of their hotels.

Hotel management could minimize the designs and furniture. Minimalistic designs are easy for the staff to clean and sanitize. Besides, the visitors can use the space without having to come across pathogens.

End to the traditional hotel buffet

The covid-19 has brought an end to the traditional buffet system in hotels. Maintaining social distance and avoiding touchpoints restricts the possibilities of buffets. Buffets need shared utensils, crowded lines, and self-serving beverages. The need for seat-in-based restaurants has increased.  The involvement of QR code menus is a lot more. Grab-and-go food stations have become the new normal. it is a great option for small restaurants and hotels with not enough sitting space.

Resident Doctor

Hotels and resorts must have a resident doctor. An easily available medical facility available in their building is necessary. People are constantly falling sick and having unknown symptoms due to the pandemic. So, a resident doctor or medical facility is always a good idea. It is a good practice if hotels and resorts have easily available medical facilities. They would effectively be available during a medical emergency. Many lives could be saved.

Outdoor Events

Hotels and resorts should encourage more outdoor events than indoor ones. Outdoor events must have proper social distancing. Guests, staff, and visitors must wear marks to reduce the spread of the covid-19 virus.

Indoor events mean closed areas with poor ventilation. They can become the best grounds for the spread of the covid-19 virus. Outdoor activities in hotels and resorts are the best way to deal with the pandemic. Outdoor events are a better option over indoor ones.

Transferring Indoor gyms with the equipment outdoors could be a way out. But, safe distancing from one another will still be necessary. the people need to follow and maintain social distancing regulations.

Encouraging Vaccination of Staff

Covid-19 has no proper medication that can cure people who are infected by the virus. The Covid-19 vaccine is the only way people can be protected from getting seriously ill. The hotel management must take care of the health of their staff during this medical crisis. Vaccinating them is the only way to do it. Proper health regulations are important in hotels and resorts. It is not possible to force vaccination. But, the safest way available is the vaccine. This is the most foolproof way to protect oneself from the virus.

Availability of masks and sanitization products

Masks, sanitizers, and social distancing are the frontline warriors. They lead the fight against the virus. Masks should be available at all times in the reception, lobby, restaurants and gym. The same goes for the other areas of the hotel. Hotels and resorts should not entertain guests and visitors who do not have a mask on.

Sanitizers should be available in plenty for the staff, guests, and visitors. The reception, lobby, and toilets must be thoroughly cleaned.  The same goes for indoor event rooms, bedrooms, gyms, and dining space. They must also have sanitizers available in plenty.

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