What Do You Know About Hotel Slippers?

“Do you know that hotel slippers signify a hotel’s reputation and stars?”

“Do you know that wearing slippers help your body and mind relax at its best?”

“Do you know that wearing slippers decrease your risk of catching colds and flu?”

Today, I am going to tell you splendid facts about hotel slippers. Let me address the sparkling questions in your mind about the surprising facts on hotel slippers.

Slippers are comfortable footwear that is intended to be worn indoors, particularly at home. Easy to put on and off, they can be open or close-toed. They bring comfort, relief, and safety for the feet when walking.

Let me take you back in history. People started to wear slippers in the 12th century. In the West, the recorded history of slippers was traced to 1478. But they were worn very early in China, where slippers, made of cotton and leather linings, have symbols of power, such as dragons and Fu dogs. For Native Americans, slippers were embroidered with beadworks. They are adorned with nature scenes. For Victorian ladies, their needlepoint abilities were shown off and established on slippers.

Slippers are worn to protect feet from hard and harmful surfaces. To date, they do not cost that much. However, do you know that a pair of slippers had been sold for $666,000? These are the ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. This is the most expensive footwear to be sold at an auction.

Let us travel this time and see the slippers in hotels. In hotels, guests assume that slippers are ready when they come. Here are the surprising and awesome facts that you should know about hotel slippers.

Slippers build the reputation of the hotel.

Slippers are a necessity in every escape and vacation. If hotels never offer any, everything is about regret, dissatisfaction, and disappointment. Slippers give comfort and let the guests feel at home while they are in the room.

Hotel slippers make your body and mind relax at their best.

Do you know that the most successful exam taker ever declared that a big part of his success was due to his slippers? Because slippers offer a well-deserved rest not only of the feet but also of the whole body and mind. Hence, it is important to feel comfortable to be able to give your best while you stay in a hotel.

Hotel slippers make you a more productive individual.

You might be wondering that this ordinary thing is full of surprises. Yes! Slippers are in a hotel because they make you a more productive individual. Numerous researches and studies have shown that relaxed workers are more productive. And putting on warm and comfy slippers signifies nothing but relaxation. They help every person to get things started. Put on snug slippers and get your work done. Updating your resume, editing videos, writing scripts for YouTube, enhancing your Photoshop skills, writing articles, and designing your websites are amazingly just some of the numerous works that you can accomplish while on slippers.

Hotel slippers decrease your risk of catching colds and flu.

Cold feet increase the risk of catching colds and flu according to experts. This is not just a myth. It has been proven for 25 years that when you have cold feet, you are at risk of getting colds and flu. Cold feet change the way our body fights off illnesses. It makes the blood vessels in the nose constrict.  This is a protective reaction that slows down the loss of heat from the body, to try to keep you warm. The inside of the nose and throat goes white since the blood flow to the nose is reduced. The white cells that fight infection are now found in the blood. Thus, fewer white cells fight the virus. Moreover, cold feet slow down the movement of tiny hairs that filter germs in the nose. This increases the risk of developing sicknesses during cold weather. Otherwise, when your feet feel warmth and comfort, your whole body is stress-free. It can fight off colds and flu. Thus, it is encouraged to wear slippers.

Hotel slippers reduce your possibility of getting bacterial and fungal infections.

Slippers can keep your feet healthy. They are your protective agent against foot diseases. They lessen the risk of getting athlete’s foot and fungal infections. They give a break on wearing socks and shoes that prevent the air to flow on the feet.

Wearing hotel slippers increases body balance.

Weak and old people walk easily when wearing slippers. Slippers increase their body balance making them walk easily in the most relaxed and comfortable ways. They promote stability and provide proper support.

Slippers can prevent hotel accidents.

Tiles are slippery. You need a grip on the soles that decrease the risk of falls when rushing, after taking a bath, or while walking around the room to organize your stuff.

Slippers keep your room and the whole hotel clean.

The shoes that you wear outside carry dirt, mud, feces, bacteria, and germs. It is sanitary to wear hotel slippers while you are in the room. Take your shoes off and wear hotel slippers so that you will not transfer millions of bacteria on the floor of your bedroom. It is beneficial for both guests’ and hotel staffs’ safety.

High-end hotels throw off slippers when the guests leave.

It is okay to pack your slippers before you leave since hotels consider every guest’s protection against the spread of the virus and other contagious diseases. This is one of the hotels’ hygienic practices. Disposable slippers have become popular in this pandemic era. They are replaced every day. They are made of non-woven material. If you worry that you cannot use them when you walk through the bathroom, you can. Each sole has cushions and grips imperative for wet areas such as the restroom or pool. These disposable slippers are durable and flexible enough for both wet and dry areas.

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