7 Hotel Amenity Ideas to Amaze Your Guests In 2022

The new year is around the corner and you must be thinking of ways to wow your guests! If so, you are in the right place. 

You must provide your guests basic essentials such as toiletries, a comfortable bed, a clean room, and awesome furniture. However, it’s wise to go the extra mile to grab the attention of a modern customer. Nowadays, people have tons of options, so if guests don’t like your service for some reason they can find a better alternative. 

Read on for more information. 

#1. Personalized Gift Baskets 

Your guests must feel special, so a great way to welcome your guests is by offering personalized gift baskets. Welcome your guests with a gift basket waiting in the room! The element of surprise can amaze your guests. They can leave positive reviews when you show that you care. 

Depending on the budget of the hotel, you can design your gift basket for the hotel guests. You can fill it with snacks or toiletries that guests can use when they leave the hotel. You can get creative and include items that the customers may like! 

#2. Complimentary Breakfast Buffet 

Host a complimentary breakfast buffet for your guests. It can be special only for the customers who are staying at your hotel for more than 2 nights! You can include a variety of food items in the breakfast buffet. 

You can market the breakfast buffet on the official website of the hotel. Also, you can spread the word on social media. In any case, it’s important that your guests are aware of it to make the most of it. 

#3. Free Snacks 

 Offer free snacks to your guests! Make sure the snacks are of high quality. Your guests have to be happy with the exceptional customer service and free snacks would be a cherry on top. 

You can do a quick survey to find what your guests may like. Based on the survey, you can keep snacks in the hotel. Ask your customers what types of snacks they prefer as it can help you find the perfect ones! 

#4. Complimentary Books 

Books are amazing gifts! They take you to a different world. If your customers love books, you can offer free books to hotel guests. You can pick famous books or order the ones that your customers like. You can do a small survey online and ask people what books they would love as gifts! 

You can also set a small library in your guests’ room and offer them to take a book of their choice! You have to think outside the box to attract potential customers in the age of information technology. It can be a small gesture, but it can go a long way. 

#5. Free City Tour 

You can also offer free city tours to the guests of your hotel. Some tourists might visit the city and thus, would be staying at your hotel. It could be a hassle to arrange the city tour and that’s where you can help!

You can arrange a ride for the guests and help them with the city tour. Don’t forget to mention the free city tour on the official website of the hotel. 

#6. Fancy Hotel Slippers 

You can gift fancy hotel slippers to your guests! Make sure you put the logo of your hotel on the complimentary slippers. Doing so can help in branding your hotel. 

The hotel guests can feel happy with the new and comfy slippers and while they will wear them in front of family members, it can help in spreading the name of your hotel! So, it’s a win-win. You can select such items as gifts that can help in marketing your business. 

#7. Free Fitness Classes 

People like to stay fit and who would not prefer a free fitness class! You can offer free fitness classes to the hotel guests so that they can take care of their health! You can market the free fitness classes on the website of the hotel. Also, you can hire a professional fitness expert who can help people with their issues. 

A fitness center in your hotel can attract more customers especially the ones who like to stay fit. You can take images of the fitness center and display them on the official website of the hotel. 

Tips to Keep In Mind to Amaze Your Customers In 2022 

Keep the following points in mind in the new year: 

Make sure you are doing thorough research on what your customers prefer. Based on the preferences of your hotel guests, you can think of the relevant customer services. 

See what your competitors are doing to attract more customers. You can also see the official website of different hotels to get some inspiration. 

If your business is not thriving in the new age, it’s time to be creative. Maybe hire a business consultant and see what changes you need for the hotel. 

Offer high-quality products in the gift baskets. Also, the toiletries in the hotel must be of high quality. You have to try your best! The suppliers have to be reliable and trustworthy. You need a backup plan in case your suppliers are not available. 

Read the reviews left by the customers about your hotel. See what people are discussing about your hotel on social media and learn what they expect so that you can improve the services. You can maintain an online presence and interact more with potential customers. Ask what they would like in the new year and what you can do to make their experience better in 2022. 

Wrapping It Up 

You have to wow your guests in 2022! It’s time to be creative and think of ways that can help in grabbing the attention of potential customers. You can offer customized gift baskets or complimentary breakfast! Offer yummy snacks or provide hotel slippers of high quality. No matter what you do, make sure you focus on exceptional customer service. 

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