Best hotel amenities for every type of travelers

Running a hospitality establishment comes with its own challenges. Keeping track of guests’ individual preferences can be heavyweight work. Not just that, providing appropriate preference-specific service can be a confusing process too. That is why it is always helpful to have your guests specify their tastes and preferences in different aspects of their stay at the hotel. Having a form for them to fill out for this purpose could be a really smart move!

However, if you are running out of ideas, worry not! You could offer a bunch of services depending on your guests’ travel behaviour and preferences. Here are a few ways to give them the absolute best!


If your guest enjoys: taking in the local culture and collecting souvenirs

Sometimes, travellers are outgoing busybodies. They enjoy combing the area they are visiting to experience all of the local culture. They might enjoy taking home something to remember the experience by. If this is the case with your guest, there are some services that they will definitely enjoy. You have to find a way to cater to their wanderlust.

Get them: shopping coupons and a guide to explore the local attractions

The best way to ensure that your guest is having fun is to assist them as they go exploring. Providing conveyance or a guide map can be a huge part of this. However, you can also take it up a notch by providing them with a guide who can be hired through the hotel itself. Besides, collaborating with the local stores to get them shopping coupons can be a great idea too!


If your guest enjoys: cleanliness and relaxation

Your guest may be on the kind of trip that is less for exploring and more for relaxing. In that case, outdoor services won’t be very attractive to them. What you should instead focus on is the interior of their room. For starters, make sure that their room service is impeccable!

Get them: an impeccable self-care kit

If your guests value relaxation, give them a bunch of options! You can offer a complimentary upgrade to their toiletries. Including oils and additional skincare can help. Skin care can really help one live the luxury! You could provide an in-room spa kit. It could contain essential oils and scented candles. Plus, you could arrange for a yoga zone in the hotel. A massage studio wouldn’t go amiss, either.

If your guest enjoys: the culinary arts

Some guests are foodies. You’ll know it right away when they request the local cuisine or indigenous delicacies! If you figure out that your guests are interested in the food of the place they are visiting, great! Now you can have a bunch of food-related surprises ready for them!

Get them: their personal in-room kitchenette

Check if the foodie guest party has a suite to themselves. If that is the case, then a kitchenette could be a good service. The hotel could furnish it with supplies like light local snacks. Basically, equip the kitchen with things that aren’t bulky. Make sure that the food supplies are light and easy to cook too.


If your guest enjoys: sweating it out

Working out has seen a huge surge of popularity. This applies especially to the younger crowd. Most of them are unwilling to compromise on their working out schedule even if they are on a trip. If you see a guess going for a run, or spending a lot of time in gymwear, it might be prudent to assume that they probably really like sweating it out at the gym!

Get them: a free gym facility

This could make your gym-rat guests would absolutely love the hotel. Providing a free work out zone could be a great way to win their hearts. And, if you can arrange for a trainer to be present, nothing likt it! Throw in a few complimentary energy drinks for more effect!


If your guest enjoys: working round the clock

It is certainly common for guests to be working during vacation. And this happens even when they aren’t on a strictly work trip too. If you spot a guest working round the clock, there are some services you could offer. Almost everyone appreciates calm and conducive working conditions. Making work easier for them should be the objective.

Get them: a quiet space equipped with electronics and super-fast wifi

Arranging for a library or no-noise zone could be perfect for this. However, the other priority would be electronic devices. Equipping a room with many charging ports and a couple of computers could be immense help. If a guest is working during their stay at your establishment, you can bet that they will love this gesture!


If your guest enjoys: sampling fancy wine while on vacation

There are always a few wine connoisseurs among guests. Many may generally enjoy food and drink. However, wine enthusiasts are really picky and appreciative of good wine!

Get them: a minibar stacked with beverages to their taste

Adding a minibar to the rooms of such wine enthusiasts could earn your establishment huge bonus points. You could also include local liquor to the contents of the minibar!


If your guest enjoys: having their child accompany them as they travel

Many of your guests might be having their children with them. Some guest parties travel in large family groups. Having children around becomes a regular phenomenon. If this is the case, you could offer some child friendly services to win their hearts!

Get them: a safe space for the kid to frolic

A kid’s menu or mocktails specific to the taste of children are always welcome. However, aside from these obvious services, there’s more. You could actually set aside a part of the hotel as a play area. It could include both board games as well as those that involve movement. Kids more or less love jumping around. You coudn’t possibly go wrong with a kids’ play area!


Now that you have the hacks to win the hearts of all kinds of travelling guests, you are all set. As long as your services are warm and welcoming, they will enjoy their stay. Good luck with getting your guests to love your establishment!

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