The Most Important Room Amenities for Hotel Guests

If you are running a hotel, then there would be tons of things going on your mind. First, of course, you want to provide the best service to your precious guests. Have you wondered what could be the most important room amenities?

Worry not! You are in the right place. You must know what your guests prefer so that you can provide the services accordingly. Also, when you are trying to achieve a competitive advantage, you have to be the best.

Read on for more information.

18 Important Room Amenities

Some of the most important room amenities are as follows:

#1. Comfortable Bed

Your guests would love a comfortable bed in your hotel! Therefore, it’s wise to keep the best mattress for your guests. After all, they are travelers and must be tired when they stay at your hotel. In addition, you have to provide the best customer service, and that starts with providing a comfortable bed to your guests.

#2. Wifi

Internet is a must! Providing free Wifi to your guests can help in grabbing the attention of your potential customers. When guests leave your hotel, they are going to leave reviews and comments. So they must have a positive impression of your hotel. When you offer free Wifi, it will be great as people nowadays work online too! So you never know if the guests want the wifi for work. Also, wifi can keep your guests entertained when they are bored.

#3. Smart TV

Your guests may feel bored during their stay at the hotel! If there is a smart TV, the kids can watch cartoons. Smart TV is easy to use, and that’s what people mostly use nowadays. You live in an era of modernization and information technology; it’s wise to keep pace with the fast-changing world.

#4. Hair Dryer

If the guests at your hotel prefer grooming, then a hairdryer will be a must! If ladies are staying at your hotel, you know how important it is for them to style their hair! Thus, you must consider a hairdryer as the most important amenity for hotel guests. Make sure you try your best to make your guests’ stay at the hotel is comfortable.

#5. Hangers

Your guests would love to keep their clothes neat! So, hangers can help in keeping the clothes organized. Also, it’s easier to find clothes from the closet when they are in hangers as you can easily grab them.

#6. Refrigerator

Your guests can keep the leftover items in the refrigerator! It will be great to provide a refrigerator to your guests in the hotel room. When placing items in the hotel room, you have to see what’s making things easier for your guests, and the refrigerator can be on the list.

#7. Microwave Oven

It’s easy to warm food in the microwave oven. So, if there is no kitchen in the hotel room, then a microwave oven can help warm the food for the guests.

#8. Kitchenware

There can be plates, glasses, cooking pots, and a lot more. If your guests are staying at your hotel for some time, you have to focus on making their stay comfortable. Thus, adding the right kitchen items can be of great help to your guests.

#9. Washing Machine And Dryer

It’s a hassle to wash clothes and dry them! However, if you provide the washing machine and dryer in the room, it will be a dream come true for the guests. Of course, there could be a common area in the hotel for laundry, but adding such features to the room can go in your favor.

#10. Office Table

If your guests work remotely and plan on staying at your hotel for some time, then an office table can be a great addition to the hotel room! It can make the guests feel comfortable, and they can enjoy their work!

#11. Dining Table

A dining table in the hotel room can make it easy for the guests to enjoy their dinner. Of course, it depends on what type of room your guests have selected, but a dining table can look great!

#12. Lamps

 Invest in lamps that add to the ambiance of your hotel room. Don’t go for the boring designs. Instead, make sure the lights in the room compliment the furniture and everything looks great!

#13. USB Charging Ports

It’s wise to offer as many USB charging ports in the room as possible, especially if it’s a big family. People use smartphones, smart devices, and so much more that needs charging!

#14. Blankets And Pillows

Offer soft pillows and awesome blankets to your hotel guests. You are trying to make your guests feel at home. You have to provide the best service for your awesome guests.

#15. Bathrobe And Hotel Slippers

You may go to the extent of providing bathrobes and complimentary hotel slippers to your hotel guests. So your guests can enjoy their stay plus; they will feel special when you go the extra mile. It may not sound essential, but it’s important if there are many competitors in the area.

#16. Toiletries

You can invest in toiletries of high quality. First, find a supplier who can provide high-quality shampoo, soap, lotion, and conditioner. Then, make sure your guests love using the toiletries!

#17. Iron

Your guests may have an important meeting to attend, and thus, it’s a good idea to keep an iron in the room. Doing so can help your guests in ironing the clothes for the meeting or for the vacations.

#18. Coffee Machine

Who won’t enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning! So, adding a coffee machine in the hotel room can be a good idea. Plus, you can offer complimentary coffee, sugar, milk, and disposable cups. Your guests will enjoy the coffee during their stay and who knows if they can mention the coffee machine in the reviews.

Wrapping It Up

There are a variety of amenities that your guests can take advantage of! Thus, it’s a good idea to consider what’s vital as it can help in giving you a competitive advantage. In addition, you can see what makes your guest feel special and comfortable.

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