Tips for buying hotel amenities

Your guests are very important to you. It is only natural to want nothing but the best for them. You might have a bunch of amenities waiting for them. But, you need to procure and assemble these amenities. The process can get confusing if you don’t prioritise the quality of your amenities. For example, hotel toiletries are an obvious service your guests will receive. However, you will need to find a trusted supplier for it. Plus, the quality needs to be up to the standard.

In any case, there are certain things to keep in mind while buying hotel amenities for your guests. They deserve the best. Being mindful of the details is key. Finding the right products to extend luxurious amenities to your guests can get tricky. Here are a few tips that can help you.

Go the extra mile to add a personal touch

Your guests do enjoy being treated specially. And what can be more special than a personal touch? It could be anything, but always make sure to add a little extra something. While purchasing the amenities and supplies, ask if personalisations are possible. Adding the hotel insignia on products would be a good but common way. You could match the packaging to the room furnishings. You could also have your guests specify their colours of choice. Embroidered greetings on napkins could be a fun little addition, too! In short, make your amenities appear tailored for your guests. It helps to show that you care!

Customise your hotel amenity supplies

Who doesn’t enjoy a sense of belongingness? Hotel amenities and products are even more luxurious if they seem customised for the guest exclusively. For this, finding a supplier who delivers withoutbdelay is important. Plus, the guests must be asked about their likings and preferences. Not just that, their initials and first names could help too. For example, imagine a candle or scent diffuser with your name on it in italics. It does make one feel special!

Craft beverage stations according to your guest’s preferences

Minibars and hot drink stations are popular in-room amenities. Your guest will for sure enjoy a sip of fine wine or fragrant tea. More so, if they can access them right inside their rooms! But when you add the drink to these beverage stations, asking what the guests would like beforehand could help. For example, having your guests specify their preferred kind of tea or coffee could be great. That way, you can fill up their beverage station with the drinks of their choice! Find a supplier who can produce the specific beverages that your guests ask for. It will be a wonderful way to give your guests a wholesome experience.

Buy your amenities from trusted sources

This goes without saying. The suppliers and sellers you do business with are helping your establishment. At the same time, a good rapport can help in a number of ways. Barring everything else, you are leaving your guest’s well-being in their hands to a certain degree. That alone is enough to necessitate trust between you and your suppliers. When you are purchasing amenities for your guests, they are involved in the process of providing hospitality to your guests too. Buying from trusted sources is a must. It will help you maintain the quality of service for your guests.

Never skip on the quality check

Your guests rely on you to deliver quality care. It could be the efficiency of the electronics in their room. Or, it could be the compatibility of their self-care items. In fact, it might even be the meals or snacks provided by the hotel. Every service and amenity you provide for them will need to be thoroughly screened for defects. That is why it is incredibly wise to never skip the quality check. While purchasing products in bulk, be sure to ask for testers. They can give you a fair idea about the product. For electronics and the like, checking the figures, in the beginning, is as important as the maintenance that comes later. Top-notch quality products delight guests like nothing else!

Buy personal kits that include unconventional products

What if your bathroom kit comes with more than the basic shampoo and conditioner? How about your shaving kit containing options customised for both men’s and women’s needs? Some amenities are purchased as kits in hotels. In a majority of the cases, these kits have done-to-death arrangements and contents. But, you could up the oomph factor by being a little innovative with the contents. It is always wonderful when something you didn’t expect pops out of them! While purchasing these kits, find a supplier who will be willing to make customised additions. That way, your guests get mini surprises every time they use the hotel’s bathroom supplies. Also, you could ad surprise amenity kits entirely! For example, the hotel could prepare a spa kit with essential oils and the like. It will add a lovely touch to the bathroom amenities already present.

Focus equally on convenience and aesthetics

It has been established that quality is one of the most important factors ever. However, you also need to keep in mind that your products and services need to be pleasant to your guests’ senses as well. Go for products that are both high-quality, as well as aesthetically pleasing, Once again, testers can help a lot in this scenario!

Build a steady relationship with whoever you buy from

This is essential because a good seller-buyer relationship will steady both your business as well as theirs. In fact, they could even connect you to ancillary sellers and providers. A good relationship with your providers will also imply mutual trust. That way, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the products. Your guests’ well-being will be in safe hands!

The products and amenities you offer your guests reflect your establishment. Their quality can make a wonderful first impression. Buying the right things to fit your guests’ needs is perhaps the best thing you can do for them. Do keep these tips in mind as you go ahead with your assignment! Your guests will love your effort and warmth!

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