What Amenities Can a Hotel Provide for a VIP ?

All guests who visit your hotel are equally precious and important. However, some guests and parties check-in in the capacity of VIP guests. It is undeniable that VIP guests deserve the best hotel experience. To truly give them a one-of-a-kind time, there are a bunch of services hotels can offer them. VIP guests really appreciate them, too! Here are some ways to make your VIP guest and their party feel at ease in your hotel. These will guarantee that they have a great time during their stay with you!

Offering a complimentary in-room fruits basket or assorted cookies upon arrival

VIP guests would love complimentary services. Freebies are always a delight. A basket full of fresh vegetables is the healthiest way to greet special guests. It provides a sense of homeliness. Not just that, it creates the impression that the hotel actually cares about their guests’ wellbeing. A box of assorted cookies for the guests to munch on at their leisure is also a wonderful addition. A VIP guest’s room could always do with some fun and healthy snacks!

Waiving the charges for access to the bar or minibar

The bar or minibar present in a hotel often charges guests for access. It is common practice for a fee to be factored into the final bill for this service. For VIP guests, the minibar could instead be a free walk-in. Waiving off the entry charge of the minibar will prompt a sense of luxury for VIP guests. Besides, it will make the minibar more easily accessible to them as well.

Adding the aesthetic value of flowers to their room

Who doesn’t like pretty flowers adorning their room? Flowers brighten up any situation. Plus, it’s always a delight to be greeted with a colourful bunch, too! Offering flowers to VIP guests upon arrival can be a wonderful way to make them feel special. Other than that, flowers can be pivotal for in-room aesthetics. Arranging flowers artfully in VIP rooms can really add to the oomph factor of the entire VIP arrangement!

Upgrading their toiletries

The washroom is central to a nice in-room experience. Most people walk into a hotel room craving a nice warm shower after some exhausting travelling. It would only be natural for a VIP to appreciate toiletries arranged to the t. An upgraded shower kit, complete with high-quality self-care items, can help. Fragrance diffusers et cetera can go a long way for the guest’s relaxation. As a rule of thumb, a good bathroom creates a wonderful first impression. This is true for all sorts of hospitality establishments.  Shower kits and toiletries are a primary way to catch the attention and praise of VIP guests.

Customising the bedlinen

This might sound like a bit much, but it is truly special! Imagine finding a pillow with your initials embroidered on the case. One is bound to feel the special treatment! What you can do is emboss or embroider the names of your guests onto their bedlinen. You could also ask them to specify what they would like on their pillow. Customising the pillowcases slightly can do a lot in terms of making your VIP guests happy. Added bonus, they can even take them home!

Providing child-friendly recreation options for the children

Children are important to families on a trip. Prioritising the young can speak volumes about what a hotel symbolises. Devoting an area for kids’ enjoyment can be a great move. The VIP party can then access this area for their children. This can include toys. Or, a part of the lawn can be modified to be a park. An indoor facility equipped with child-friendly recreational options can be a fun addition, too.

Treating them to complimentary local delicacies and specialities

A vacation includes experiencing culture external to one’s own. If the local culture holds certain cuisines in great esteem, a guest will definitely want a taste of them. VIP guests can have the option of sampling local delicacies within the hotel itself. It could be condiments or a special kind of dessert. In fact, the exclusive liquor and spirits of the region can also be included!

Arranging for shopping vouchers

Almost every party has at least one person who enjoys shopping. Looking for things to take home from a trip can be downright therapeutic. You can collaborate with the stores nearby to give your VIP guests a discount. Complimentary shopping vouchers can also extend the special feeling to your special guests! This service can boost local businesses as well as attract VIP traffic to your hotel.

Making allowances for their pets and extending care towards them

Most people treat their pets as just another part of their family. Pets are sometimes not allowed inside hotels. A pet-friendly environment can qualify as a super special feature of the hotel. Hotels can provide an area meant exclusively for the pets of VIP guests. Arranging for the appropriate food and care for them could also be a part of this service.  

Noting the special occasions of the party to prepare a surprise in advance

It doesn’t actually require a lot of digging! Simply taking a note of the VIP party’s special days, birthdays and the like can help a lot. It will allow the hotel to arrange for some celebration and complimentary services during their stay. Not just that, it creates the impression that the hotel really cares about its guests’ happiness. Gestures like producing a cake for a guest’s birthday, or some vintage wine on the occasion of a marriage anniversary can really do wonders!

These are just a few of the number of VIP services a hotel can offer. VIP guests deserve and expect a wonderful time during their stay. These services can help to make that special experience come alive! There are a bunch of other things hotels can do. For example, taking the in-room technology up a notch is a good way to take care of one’s VIP guests. Besides, offering complimentary spa experiences can help them relax and unwind. There is never a dearth of VIP treatment ideas for the important guests! Go the extra mile to blow your VIP guests off their feet!

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