What Amenities Attract Female Travelers to a Hotel?

Women would always love pampering moments when traveling and staying in a hotel. It allows them to meditate, relieve stress, and relax. Female travelers, both for business and leisure, have more desires and requirements. A woman is not only impressed by one factor. 

Accept the fact that women are fonder of taking pictures and videos of anything with splendor and magnificence. 

That is why all of the amenities around should be women-friendly. They upload them to different social media platforms that strategically earn positive points for the hotel. This could encourage more guests to travel and try. 

As women travel, they look at the subtlety of the place and the design of the hotel. They observe the shape of the pool and the furnishings in the lobby. They analyze the style of the room and the ornamentation in the lanai. They note the interior decor of the bathroom, bed arrangement, and color combinations. They might ask about the lighting accessories, presences in the toiletries, and the entire hotel amenities. Every inch of these brings excitement to women. They enter with great expectations and that is what fascinates them to stay in a hotel. 

Enticing amenities and comfort are appealing in the eyes of female travelers. They are the best contributing factor to highly attract females to a hotel. Let us deep-dive into these amenities that attract female travelers one by one.

Hotel Amenities 

Hotel amenities are any feature that provides comfort, convenience, and pleasure. They are available anytime when the guests need them like from coffee, sewing kit, curling irons to dining options, and building facilities. 

  • Personal Care
  • Welcome Gifts

Welcome gifts contain soap, shower gels, shaving kit, toothbrush and toothpaste, and other skincare products. These extremely excite a woman for they are an answer to a woman’s basic needs. They also contain a notebook, a pen, and a mug. These impress the female travelers who are on a meeting or business trip.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee has become a necessity. It is a great way to start the day, especially for working women. It gives them a satisfying experience for they do not need to ask, coffee is served hot or coffee sticks are provided together with a coffee maker. On the other hand, tea is chosen by health-conscious women for its medicinal benefits. It is proven helpful for preventing cancer. It maintains cardiovascular and metabolic health.2.

Bathrobe and Slippers

Bathrobe has an incredible worth for female travelers. Aside from its comfortability and good quality, wearing a bathrobe while they pose on the bed, stand in the bathroom, or walk around the pool gives memorable experiences. It is one of the main reasons why they write a stunning review for the hotel. 

Likewise, slippers attract females, too. Comfortable footwear is helpful to move around the room. Bathrobes and slippers provide a worthy impact for female guests.

Hairdryer or Blower

Women love different looks. A hairdryer is the most versatile hair styling tool for them. It allows them to have straight, volumized, dramatically wavy, and curly hairstyles. It attracts female travelers since it can enhance their outside glamour and beauty.

Curling Iron

Curling iron allows women to have perfect beach waves and curly hair. The use of them has a longer-lasting effect. Female travelers feel delighted when they got the chance to have an extraordinary look.

Free Breakfast

Women love it. It is important to maintain their mood.

Wifi Internet Access

Checking their social media accounts from time to time is important. For working female travelers, having internet access is deemed necessary.

Fashion First Aid Kid

Fashion first aid kit is the emergency sewing kit suitable for most female travelers who are conscious of their dress. It has needles, thread, scissors, safety pins, tape measure, and buttons that are perfect for travel.

Mini Shoe-Shine Kit

For meetings and business trips, female travelers usually wear black high-heeled shoes. Its shine is central to them. It provides elegance to their entire outfit. That is why the mini shoe-shine kit is indispensable.

Basket of Treats

Basket of Treats usually contains local flavors and products of the area. Female travelers feel extra special when the basket contains some festive treats that are themed according to the season like Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine.

  • Bedroom Amenities

1. Flatscreen TV

2. Comfortable Bed

3. Luxury Pillows

4. Working Place

5. Coffee Maker

6. Fridge

7. Microwave

8. Air Purifier

9. Powerbank and Charger

10. Ironing Kit

11. Hangers 

12. Closet

The list above completes the amenities that female travelers want in a bedroom – a flatscreen TV for movies, a comfortable bed that stimulates good sleep, some luxury pillows to cuddle on, a working place for some paper and online works, a coffee maker that is available any time, a fridge to store food and drinks, a microwave to heat food any time, air purifier for sanitizing the room, a power bank and charger for emergencies, an ironing kit to have a presentable dress to wear on for the day, hangers for bathrobes, towels, and clothes, and a closet for all of the important pieces of stuff while on travel.

  • Outside the Bedroom Amenities
  1. Swimming Pool
  2. Gym or Workout Equipment
  3. Dining Options
  4. Parking
  5. Conference Room

6. Comfortable Lounge

7. Massage and Spa

8. Discount and Packages for Customized City Tours and other Recreational Activities

Women are more motivated when they get to experience the unordinary during their stay in a hotel. This is elicited when a hotel got more astonishing amenities to offer like a swimming pool to recharge, and a gym or workout equipment for some good exercise. Several dining options are another attraction. These are coffee shops, seafood restaurants, healthy food options, a place for a fine dining experience, a restaurant with casual dining ambiance, fast food, buffet, and diners offering international cuisines. Parking, conference room and comfortable lounge are also necessary. 

Above all, female travelers are attracted to the massage and spa to relax and maintain hair, skin, and nail care. Also to discount packages for customized city tours and other recreational activities that make their experience more fun and exciting. This is the kind of experience that they would highly recommend


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