Do Hotels Charge for Slippers?

On a cold winter day, you love the warmth of cozy slippers. While sipping tea or coffee, you may wonder “do hotels charge for slippers?” If so, you are in the right place.

You may wonder if you can take the slippers home! Well, when in doubt, ask! You have to call the front desk and see if slippers are yours to take. The slippers are mostly complimentary, so you can take them home as they are unsuitable for the next guest.

Imagine, will you like to wear slippers that appear torn or worn out? Of course, it doesn’t appear neat in the first place. But, you must follow the etiquettes, so ask away!

How to know if hotel slippers are free?

Most of the time, the hotel slippers are complimentary, but it varies from hotel to hotel. If you have been to different hotels, you may notice a difference in the customer service and the hotel supplies. It’s also possible that some hotels may not even provide the hotel slippers, or you have to ask for them!

To know whether the hotel slippers are complimentary or not, you can try the following:

  • Ask the front desk to see if you can get hotel slippers and if you can pack them with you!
  • See the official website of the hotel and check if they sell certain items. You may get an idea whether the slippers are complimentary or not!
  • If the hotel you are staying at sells products, check if the hotel slippers come with a price.
  • You can also email and ask! Some people may not think much, but if it means to you, then why not. It’s all about ethics! If you feel it’s not okay, it’s always a good idea to ask and clear your conscience.
  • If you haven’t packed your slippers or plan not to take the slippers with you, you can also call customer service and ask.
  • You can also see the option of online chat nowadays! So, when you visit the hotel’s official website, you can ask the online chat agent to guide you.

There are different ways to know whether or not you can grab the slippers! However, it’s always best to ask. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right! The points mentioned above can help you find about the hotel slippers plus, you can ask anything in the same way. Some hotels provide exceptional customer service, aiming to make the customer happy with the hotel services.

Why are hotel slippers important?

Have you ever wondered why hotels may let you take the slippers free of cost! If you closely observe, you can see the hotel’s logo on the slippers. It’s a perfect way of branding. Let’s say you are wearing the slippers at your home, and some guests come to see you and notice your slippers. They are likely to remember the name of the hotel the next time they plan a vacation and book a hotel.

Also, the hotel slippers can remind you of the days when you were on vacation. You may just collect it as a souvenir so that you can remember the good old days someday!

You may be wondering that it’s easy to buy the slippers from the market, then why bother! The amazing feeling you get when you wear the hotel slippers makes you feel special! And why not feel special? If you are a busy person who finds it hard to take a vacation, you deserve to feel good, and if the hotel slippers help, then why not! Maybe that’s why you want to know if you can keep the slippers.

What other items are free in hotel?

When you book your visit, you may want to find a hotel that’s clean, affordable, and provide the essential supplies. You may like the toiletries. These small items are complimentary. You get a disposable shampoo bottle to wash your hair. The lotion helps in keeping your skin hydrated while the conditioner smoothes your hair! Then there is also the hotel soap to wash your hands.

Some hotels even extend to providing shaving razors so that when you forget yours at home, you can still look presentable at the official meetings. You may also find toothbrushes and combs. Unfortunately, some items are not on display, so you have to request the front desk.

There is also free instant coffee and disposable cups. In addition, there is at times a free water bottle, but if there are 2, check the price tag on the other.

The other items in the hotel room, such as iron, hangers, TV, etc., make your stay comfortable, but you can’t take these home. Likewise, you can’t bring pillows or towels home. So make a general rule; if there is an item that someone else can use happily, it’s usually not free! On the other hand, nobody would be interested in the used slippers!

Tips to keep in mind

Check with the front desk if it’s your first time staying at a specific hotel in a new country. You may not know, but there could be different rules in the new place.

If you like the hotel slippers, you can see if similar slippers or better are available online. Then, you can simply place an order and buy yourself more pairs!

It may not seem like a big deal, but you must follow hotel etiquette. What’s free is usually obvious. However, it’s still better to educate yourself with what you can or cannot take from the hotel room. For example, some people may go to the extend of taking pillows or bedsheets, and it’s wrong.

Wrapping it up

Usually, the hotel slippers are free, but it also depends on the hotel, so always ask the front desk to get your answer. You can also look at the hotel’s official website thoroughly to get more information on what’s free and what’s not. It’s good to know what items are available free of cost to you!

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