When will a hotel charge for amenities?

Travelling is all fun and games. That is until it comes down to budget. Keeping financial records and managing money on a trip certainly can be a hectic task. The heaviest pinch on your pocket will probably come from lodging expenses. Of course, you can always look for a hotel that will be a perfect fit for your budget. There are a few added amenities that hotels will charge you for, and there will be some others that are complementary. Both these bunches of amenities make up your hotel experience. However, having an idea of what you might need to pay for will help when you are planning your trip or choosing your hotel. Here are some of the comforts that you will be charged for, external to your lodging charges.

Checking in earlier than the check-in time

You already know that overstaying beyond the check-out time can cause you to have to pay more. A full day’s worth of lodging. But did you know that some hotels can charge you for checking in too early? Checking in earlier than the hotel’s official check-in time might not fetch a whole day’s lodging fee. At the same time, there can be an added amount on the bill when you clear it before checking out.

Extra-person occupancy in a room meant for one or two persons

Most hotel rooms are meant for a specified number of people. This means that some rooms are single-person rooms. Most rooms are meant for two people. There are family suites as well. The room you book has a fixed capacity. If you book a two-person room for, say four people, you will save on the charge for a room. At the same time, some hotels will charge you extra for exceeding the recommended number of people in a room.

Superfast wi-fi

Internet is a basic necessity at this point. Most hotels these days offer free wi-fi. There is a possibility of some hotels charging you for it, but it is not very likely. What you might be charged for is high-speed wi-fi. This might be something you need for work. In most cases, you’re also paying for availing of high-speed wi-fi in a specific part of the hotel, like the pool. This can also be the case for a specific number of hours~ say from eleven in the morning to six in the evening.


Sometimes, your vacation might be a long drive. Road trips are incredibly popular nowadays. Also, you might have rented a car while on a vacation. In both cases, you will need to park the car. It is natural to prefer parking it within the premises of the hotel. However, keep in mind that you might be charged for that. In most hotels, a nominal fee is accepted in return for a parking space. It isn’t uncommon for hotels to throw in valet service as well.

Enjoying resort activities

Resort activities here refer to some very specific amenities. For example, say you enjoy swimming. And, bingo, the hotel you checked in to has a swimming pool. You can’t just walk in and jump into the pool, though. In most cases, you will be charged for renting a swimsuit or trunks. Also, using the pool itself might come with an additional charge.

Enjoying the spa

This probably goes without saying. The spa includes many relaxing services. It is very common for high-end hotels to include a spa in the list of services they offer. However, more often than not, you will be expected to pay additionally for it. You might also be required to pay for essential oils and products used in the process. To be fair, it’s just a small something for the wonderfully immersive experience! 

Sweating it out at the gym

Yes, even working out can levy extra charges on you. Most hotels these days are equipped with a well-furnished gym. You might even find a trainer in some places. If you are a gym rat, you might not be able to resist a good workout. In that case, remember that guests are often required to pay a certain amount for accessing the gym. This will be added to your bill at checkout.

Getting snacks or availing the bar

Don’t worry, breakfasts are often complementary. But, getting snacks delivered to your room between meals might involve an extra charge. And it is not just the case with room service. For example, some hotels provide guests with the option of unwinding in a mini-bar. If you wish to make good use of the opportunity, you might be charged separately for what you order. Besides, the bar itself might have an admission fee. 

Telephone charges outside of the intercom

Most hotels have telephones placed within each room. These are generally connected to the intercom, which means that the only calls you can make are going to be to the hotel staff. This is how you can order room service or call housekeeping. However, you might need to place a long-distance call from an in-hotel device. In such a situation, you are likely to be charged for the call, or availing of communication services in general.

Tipping the housekeeper

You can’t forget about the housekeeping. Traditionally, housekeeping is included with your lodging charges. But thanking the servers for their help is always a good idea. Tipping the housekeeping staff isn’t mandatory in every hotel. But, many hotels charge their guests a nominal tipping charge for housekeeping. This charge is taken as external to the lodging fee. 

Unlike toiletries or regular housekeeping, there are amenities that you might have to pay extra for. These are some of them. It always helps to be aware of your possible expenses. This is a great way to ensure that you’re budgeting yourself right. Plus, also get an idea of the kinds of amenities a hotel provides in general. Happy traveling!

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