Hidden services in five-star hotels

When you stay in a luxury hotel, will you be tempted to take away free hotel products such as slippers, shower gel, and shampoo?

Most five-star hotels have many hidden services. Unfortunately, many hotel guests will not notice these services.

Upgrade Service

Five-star hotels will often launch some preferential activities, or have some other preferential treatments for members.

For example, during your honeymoon trip, or as a senior member of a hotel, you can apply to the front desk for room upgrade services when the hotel room is not full. It is not impossible to spend the least price and stay in the most expensive suite. And this one is often overlooked by many tourists.

Pick-up service

Just get off the plane and rush to the gate with a pile of luggage to queue up for a taxi?

Can you imagine that when you get off the plane, the hotel’s airport representative is already waiting at the aircraft bridge, and then they will take you through the VIP passage?

For general business trips and hope to have airport pick-up service, you can do it at the time of booking with one button. From the airport, you can take the special car arranged by the hotel directly to the hotel. You can also sleep peacefully on the way.

Airport pick-up and drop-off services are provided in hotels in domestic cities, usually at an additional cost. If you arrive at night, it is best to book the hotel’s pick-up service, so you don’t have to worry about the pick-up driver not finding the location of the hotel. Some may also provide flowers, water, wet towels, and other services.

concierge service

When you arrive at the door of the hotel, there will be a porter immediately to help you open the door. In addition, there will be someone who will help you bring your luggage to the room. Yes, you only need to go directly to the service desk, hand in your ID and passport, and get your room card. You don’t have to worry about getting lost in a huge hotel. There will be special services. Staff guidelines.

When you arrive in the room, you can have a good rest. The room will be equipped with fresh fruits. If you don’t like these types, you can ask if there are other fruits.

If you need to make a bed with roses and a bathtub with petals during your honeymoon with your wife today, you can ask directly. Most of these are also free, and if you need them, we will help you arrange it~

The hotel provides dry cleaning, wet washing, ironing, and repairing of clothing, as well as the expedited service of the above services. If you want to drink a cup of ginger tea/lemonade/honey water, you need brown sugar water during menstruation. Phone calls, these are free~

Don’t want to move when it’s time for dinner? Come on, enjoy the food delivery service. If there is nothing you want to eat on the menu, boldly make your request. As long as the hotel kitchen has the materials, they will not refuse you. Generally, within half an hour of delivery, you only need to wait for a balanced meal with meat and vegetables.

Facilities Service

In addition to the gym and SPA, there is also free afternoon tea. Many five-star hotels have executive lounges, and the executive lounges almost provide free afternoon tea service. Of course, this service is only for senior members or regular customers. The average hotel guest cannot enjoy this kind of service. If you have applied for a senior member of a five-star hotel, don’t miss it.

Face recognition service

If you are a frequent visitor to a hotel and often check-in, the hotel staff can recognize you the moment you enter the door, not only greet you cordially, but also remember your preferences, and instantly feel at home if you feel at home!

Finally, your bedsheets and bathrobes will be embroidered with names, and they will be cleaned when you check out as a gift for you…

If you encounter a little trouble or inconvenience in the hotel, don’t hesitate to call the lobby manager, he can help you solve the problem, and sometimes he will send meal coupons and afternoon tea coupons as compensation.

Confidential check-in

If you don’t want people to find you or meet someone secretly~ then this service is necessary!

Under normal circumstances, if someone calls the hotel switchboard to find you, the switchboard will not tell you the room number but will help him with the transfer.

However, once you apply for a confidential check-in, if someone calls again, the hotel will respond “No such person”, so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed~

Luggage packing service

This service is most suitable for those who want to catch an early flight!

When you check out, you don’t need to pack your luggage, just ask the hotel butler to help pack it.

The hotel has a lot of things to take away for free

Toiletries: Now almost everyone can take them. Good hotels now encourage everyone to take them away, because next time I see them, I’ll think of this hotel~ The following brands of toiletries are highlighted:

Hermes HERMES When you check into the hotel and see “HERMES” written on the bath products, don’t you want to rush to stuff it into your bag?

Bvlgari’s toiletries are customized for Shangri-La. In addition, it also has a L’Occitane configuration. Recently, the water of Palma has replaced Bulgari as a standard feature in high-end Shangri-La guest rooms.

Teabags, coffee bags: There is a charge for things in the hotel refrigerator, but tea bags, coffee bags, and capsule coffee on the cabinet are free! , Twinings, TWG, and other high-end characteristic brands, just take it home and transform into an English nobleman~ people who like art, the hotel notepaper is often their “what’s in the bag”. Many hotels will invite well-known designers or artists to cooperate. Whether it is color, material, or pattern, it has a sense of design and personality. It can be called a work of art, especially the notepaper of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, which “climbs” on it. Full of gold.

Welcome gifts: high-end hotels will prepare welcome gifts with hotel characteristics, such as the welcome bear in W Hotel.

Check-in service

When you are leaving, the hotel will send someone to the airport in advance to help you get your boarding pass and choose a seat. As for you, just wait to get on the plane easily~

Purchasing service

The bed you sleep in, the bedding, the shower gel you use, and even the furniture, paintings, teacups, and tableware are all famous.

If you fall asleep, the hotel’s pillows are comfortable, you like quilt sheets and teacups, and you even like hotel furniture. There is no need to run around, you just call the service desk, and many hotels will help you buy and mail it. This even includes the bed.

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