How to choose a pair of comfortable slippers?

In people’s daily life, whether in the bedroom, at home, or in the apartment, slippers are needed every day. For example, they will change into slippers for easy wear when entering the home, and they should also wear slippers for waterproofing and do not need to be washed when bathing. It is easy to use, so slippers have become an indispensable existence in people’s daily life. Let’s take a look at how to buy slippers.

First of all, when buying slippers, pay attention to the functions of the slippers themselves. The explanation is divided into the following three steps. The first step is to pay attention to whether the slippers will not smell after a long time. This can ensure the life of the slippers and the odorless effect on the room.

Second, you need to pay attention to the anti-skid treatment of the sole. For example, the design of uneven twist texture can improve the hydrophobic anti-skid performance of the sole, ensuring that it is convenient to walk in the bathroom or kitchen.

Thirdly, we must pay attention to whether the foot of the slippers is comfortable, whether the elasticity is long-lasting, the gloss is good, whether it is healthy and environmentally friendly to ensure that it is not harmful to the user’s health.

Fourth, we must pay attention to whether the slippers are of a partial size and what size fits us. For example, determine the appropriate foot size according to the size and shoe length, and choose slippers that suit our feet.

Fifth, we should also pay attention to the softness of the sole of the slippers. The softness of the sole will affect the wearing experience and can better improve the anti-slip ability of the shoes.

Sixth, we need to pay attention to the design of slippers, such as whether it fits ergonomically to the sole, whether it is dirt-resistant and easy to wash, whether the sole is quiet and light, and comfortable.

Finally, pay attention when buying slippers. There are many color classification styles of slippers. When purchasing, you should choose the appropriate clothes according to your personal color preferences, to be fashionable and beautiful.

Young people like outdoor activities, but most elderly people spend most of their time indoors. A pair of lightweight slippers have become a daily necessity. What are the special precautions for choosing a suitable pair of slippers for the elderly?


No flip flops

Flip-flops cannot provide enough support for the feet. Old people will unconsciously pick the soles of their shoes with their toes when they walk. The toes are in a flexed state for a long time, and symptoms such as soreness, stiffness, and Achilles tendon pain will appear.

Therefore, it is more comfortable and safer for the elderly to choose one-piece slippers.


Not too loose

When buying slippers, the elderly always choose the size one bigger, which makes them more comfortable to wear. But slippers are too loose, making it difficult to walk smoothly, especially in uneven and damp places.

Therefore, the elderly should not choose slippers that are too loose, too long, and not too tight. It is best to try them on. It is better to just plug the sandals.


The sole should not be too thin

After getting old, the whole body muscles of the elderly begin to atrophy, especially the soles of the feet. If the soles are too thin, the soles and toes must be firmly “grabbed” on the soles to walk normally, and the feet are prone to fatigue. It is recommended to choose slippers with a thicker sole to reduce pressure on the soles of the feet.

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