How Do You Make A Hotel Unique?

You live in the age of information technology, and a recent study highlights that the attention span of humans is shorter than the goldfish! So, you have little time to impress the guests, and that starts with your online representation of the hotel.

It’s vital to make your website catchy and offer deals that grab the attention of potential customers. With various competitors in your field, it’s hard to find the perfect marketing strategy! Being unique can make you stand out and increase profitability for your business.

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7 Interesting Ways to Make Your Hotel Unique

You can make your hotel unique in the following ways:

#1. Great Ambiance

You can offer a great ambiance to the visitors! The hotel guests would like a relaxing environment. Your potential customers could be business travelers or families on vacation. Based on the type of hotel guests, you can also add a theme to your hotel to make it unique.

Make sure your guests are happy with the overall ambiance. Also, you can take feedback from the customers and ask them to tell you what they expect. Doing so can help you decide what’s best for hotel guests.

#2. Comfortable Beds

Shop for the most comfortable mattress on the market and get one for your hotel! You can market your hotel as the one with the most comfortable beds. You can show images of the hotel rooms, and it can give an idea to the people who are visiting your official website to book a room.

The hotel beds have to be comfortable and relaxing. Imagine if you are traveling for long hours, what would you prefer the most! Ideally, a comfortable mattress that helps you sleep better can be the first thing on your mind.

#3. Clean Environment

Keeping in view the pandemic situation worldwide, you have to be mindful of the cleanliness. Make sure you hire the right company to clean your hotel thoroughly. Also, add hand sanitizers to different places at your hotel and remind people to maintain social distance.

You need to tell people how clean your hotel is and what protocols you take to go extra lengths. Also, you must go the extra mile and be honest with your potential customers. They can even leave a review about the cleanliness of your hotel that, in turn, can attract more hotel guests.

#4. Exceptional Customer Service

You have to offer exceptional customer service to your guests. The guests need to be happy with the customer service. Make sure your customer service providers are fast and reliable. Hire people who are kind and can solve the problems of the hotel guests.

The customer service representative is the face of your hotel! This person shows what your hotel is like, so you have to hire the right person for the job. Do a thorough screening and hire the right candidate as it’s about the image of your hotel.

#5. High-Quality Toiletries

Find a suitable company for the hotel supplies. The hotel guests would love the high-quality toiletries in their bathroom. It may sound insignificant to you, but small gestures can make a big difference. You can try adding high-quality toiletries to the hotel and see if it makes a difference with your hotel guests. Share in the comments if it does.

It’s wise to invest in products of high quality as they belong to your hotel. It shows that your hotel cares for the customers and can offer excellent products for the hotel guests.

#6. Amazing Gift Baskets

Welcome your hotel guests with fantastic gift baskets. If there are kids, you can add small games and chocolates. The gift basket can be full of snacks, or you can customize it with the items of your choice. If the hotel guest is fond of books, you can gift a book too!

It depends on how creative you can be and whether you can think out of the box and come up with ideas to surprise your guests. You have to wow your guests so that they can come back to your hotel again and again! You can also leave a special note like have a nice day or enjoy your vacation as it adds warmth!

#7. Complimentary Hotel Slippers

Your hotel guests can enjoy a pair of complimentary hotel slippers. You can add the logo of your hotel on the cozy hotel slippers. The idea is to make your guests feel special. Then, when they grab the hotel slippers and return home, the slippers can do free branding for your hotel.

The hotel guests can be tempted with the idea of free items, but advertise it properly and let your customers know what you have to offer. You may also go to the extent of providing complimentary bathrobes, but only when it falls under your budget. You need to find high-quality items, but at the same time, it has to be as per your budget.

7 Benefits of Making Your Hotel Unique

When your hotel is unique, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. First, you can expect more hotel guests as they would be interested in staying at your hotel.
  2. There can be positive reviews about your hotel from the hotel guests.
  3. The reputation of your hotel will become strong.
  4. More people will love to work for your hotel because of its good name.
  5. There will be more profitable when the customer base increases.
  6. The hotel guests can recommend your hotel to their friends and family members when they are happy with the exceptional customer service.
  7. Your hotel can become the best in your area so more people will like to stay!

Wrapping It Up

There are various ways to make your hotel unique. You can think out of the box and think of ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The goal here is to grab the attention of potential customers. When you have something unique to offer, you can see a difference. Share your experience in the comments.

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