17 Custom hotel amenities

Thinking out of the box is key. In the hospitality industry, it becomes essential to offer interesting services. Customised and innovative services attract guests. Besides, they also give guests a more holistic and enjoyable hotel experience. Customised amenities are a wonderful way to make your guests feel loved. Here are some innovative amenities that your guests will definitely appreciate!

Special treatment at reception

A little welcome bouquet at the reception counter can make guests feel really special. It could even be labelled or customised! Besides, you could take note of the party. If there are any children, some candy would be a great way to greet them. You could have someone take away your guest’s luggage at reception. That way, they won’t need to worry about pulling heavy luggage up and down.

Labelled parking spaces

You already know the names of your guests. Most guests pre-book their stay. Hence, it won’t be impossible to arrange a little name tag. The free Parking Space could be a huge attraction on its own. This is especially effective if your city has relatively few public transport options. Long drive destinations also need hotels to provide parking. However, a customised signboard marking a guest’s parking area is exceptional!

Free wifi with personal passwords

Almost everyone is hyper dependent on the internet today. Free wifi never hurt anyone! However, it would be even more amazing if you could arrange for personalised passwords. At least different passwords for different guests would be great. It makes the guests feel great. The free high-speed internet also gets their job done, obviously!

Wall outlets and plug points

Charged gadgets are the lifelines of most people. Whether it is a phone or a trimmer~ charged devices are simply necessary. Ensuring that each room has a lot of ports and plug points can help! It will make your guest feel cared for. Plus, their electronics will be in perfect health. They won’t ever have to worry about their digital cameras running out of battery!

In-room Minibar

If your guest is a beverage enthusiast, this would be a great option! An in-room minibar can be a great way for your guest to unwind after a long day. Bonus points if you can serve their choice of drink!

A little snack station

A snack station within a guest’s room makes kitchen calls on the intercom unnecessary. This can be a great way to show your guests that you care about their cravings. Also, it shows promptness of service. After all, no one actually enjoys waiting for their snacks to arrive!

A kid’s corner

Hotel amenities often become all about the grown-ups. While your patrons are all adults, the children need attention too! If a guest party comes with quite a few children, simply acquaint them with the kids’ area. It can be furnished with miniature slides and other fun activities. A kids’ haven could go a long way in impressing the adults too!

Pet-friendly environment

If your guest has a pet, you can bet that they love it to death. A pet-friendly hotel environment can be a huge selling point. Besides, having a well-organized zone for the pets to run around can be a great move.

Complimentary first breakfast

Everyone likes freebies and that’s a fact! That is why a complimentary first breakfast can really build goodwill. Your guests will love a scrumptious breakfast offered by the hotel. You could even put little name tags on toothpicks into the pie for the children!

Customised morning beverage options

Many people take their morning beverage very seriously. In many cases, they even have strong preferences. Asking your guests whether they prefer tea, coffee, or fruit juice can help a lot. You could then proceed to send their beverage of choice up to their rooms. If they are a tea or coffee person, stocking up on luxurious brands and types can never go wrong!

Newspapers and magazines

Some guests might enjoy the early newspaper. This would be especially true if a guest party has a few elders. Always keep a few daily newspapers ready. That way, you can send it up to your guests’ room along with the morning beverage.

Spa services

Spas are the ultimate relaxation experience. They can be a great way to help your guests relax. Offering spa services at your hotel can increase its attractiveness. In fact, providing little spa kits along with toiletries could work. An in-room bathtub spa is quite refreshing too!

A gymnasium

Youngsters these days are often gym rats. Setting up a gym at some corner can be a wonderful move. In fact, you could even hire a trainer. Everyone enjoys individual, custom attention. Also, having sports courts can be super fun! Squash or badminton won’t take up much space either.

Custom vacation activities

Some enjoy sightseeing. Others enjoy long guided walks. In any case, the hotel could arrange for it! For example, you could arrange for their conveyance. You could plan the trip routes for them too! Vacations can be very relaxing if someone takes up the onus of planning!

Shopping coupons

You will definitely find some guests who enjoy shopping and collecting souvenirs. You could collaborate with some stores around. Offering shopping coupons will build trust. They will also build a good relationship with the neighbouring businesses.

Local history and information centre

These days, tourists enjoy in-depth knowledge about the knowledge and culture of a place. Setting up a local history centre in the hotel can help! It will also be a step towards preserving your local culture.

Custom offers on hotel services

Finally, you can make your guests feel special through custom offers and discounts. While making the final bill, a little discount here and there never hurt anybody! Besides, making the services of a guests’ special day complimentary can go a long way!

These custom hotel amenities can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction. Your guests will love them! In fact, these will also contribute to the image of the hotel. They prove that you value attention to detail. Also, they promote that guest satisfaction is more important than business interest. Overall, you can’t go wrong with these!

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