11 Unique And Innovative Hotel Amenities to Consider In 2022

You may want to make your hotel guests happy in the new year! So, it’s time to be innovative and think outside the box. You’ve to come up with unique ideas that make your hotel stand out in the crowd.

You are living in the age of information technology. Therefore, you have to think about the customers belonging to the era of modernization. Plus, the pandemic has brought significant changes in the lifestyle of hotel guests. So let’s see what’s unique and innovative you can do!

Read on for more information.

#1. Customized Gift Baskets

You can welcome the hotel guests with customized gift baskets. It’s a good idea to get feedback from your customers and see what they like when they consider your hotel for vacations. Then, based on the preferences of your hotel guests, you can design a gift basket for them. You can also put a welcome note on the gift basket. Small gestures can make a huge difference. Try it and see if it helps; you can share your experience in the comments.

#2. Free Snacks And Books

You can provide free snacks and books to the customers! For example, the families staying at your hotel with kids would love the candies, and those who like to read would love the books! Therefore, those who adore books or like snacks would love this idea! So, it’s best to study your customer profile and decide accordingly. For example, you can keep business books for business travelers and provide motivational books or stories for others!

#3. Mobile Apps

Nowadays, you may notice various businesses switching to mobile apps. You can also launch an app for your hotel to help guests order room service! The mobile app would be great to connect with the customer service. They can also book the hotel rooms in advance by using the app! There is a lot you can do as the goal here is to make the stay comfortable for the hotel guests. Plus, it’s wise to keep pace with the fast-changing world.

#4. Extra Cleanliness

Your guests would love the hotel because of the cleanliness. So you can guide the customers about the cleaning policy of your hotel! You can also discuss it on the website. So let the hotel guests know what to expect from your hotel to keep it neat and clean! If your hotel is super clean, who would not want to stay there, especially during the pandemic!


#5. Beautiful Hotel Slippers

Another exciting thing that you can do for the hotel guests is to offer them beautiful hotel slippers! You can put your hotel’s logo on the slippers to make it unique. It’s best to order hotel slippers of high quality to make your customers happy. These hotel slippers would play an integral role in spreading awareness about your hotel, and your guests would be pleased with the complimentary items!


#6. Bamboo Toothbrushes

You can also offer great toothbrushes to hotel guests. Nowadays, people are concerned about the environment’s well-being, which is good. Therefore, it’s time to consider eco-friendly items. You can thus keep bamboo toothbrushes in your hotel for the hotel guests. Doing so can help you play an integral role in the environment’s well-being.


#7. High-Quality Toiletries

You can also invest in toiletries that are of high quality. You can focus on keeping the best toiletries in your hotel. Your hotel guests would be impressed by the toiletries and who knows if they would want to visit again! So make sure the toiletries are excellent, and your guests would love the complimentary toiletries.

#8. Fitness Classes

You can offer free fitness classes to hotel guests. If there is a fitness center in your hotel, you can take advantage of that to give the classes in-person, or you can offer online fitness classes and hire the best trainers and fitness experts! It’s essential to stay fit and healthy. The free fitness classes can highlight the significance of a healthy lifestyle.

#9. Cooking Classes from Hotel Chefs

Some of the hotel guests would be interested in the cooking classes. You can arrange the classes with the hotel chefs. If your hotel is famous for its taste, then the cooking classes from the hotel chefs would be interesting for your guests! Some guests could be interested in the baking classes. You can keep the enrollment open online to know what the guests like the most!


#10. Special Discounts And Prizes

Offering special discounts can grab the attention of your potential customers. You can also give guests prizes like hotel slippers, bamboo combs, or other exciting items! The purpose of such things is to make your guests’ stay unique and comfortable. You can also do a quick web search and see what type of discounts are offered by other hotels in the city! You can also do a short survey to see what your guests prefer. It’s best to develop marketing strategies based on the preferences of your potential guests.


#11. Small Office Space

Many people are adopting the work-from-home lifestyle, and thus, they would love to have a small office space in the hotel room. If your hotel guests are working from home, they would love to work from the small office space in the hotel room. Thus, you can make the extra effort and set up a small office in the hotel room for guests. It’s about providing the best customer service as it can help in gaining more guests in the future.


Wrapping It Up

The new year 2022 is here. It’s time to make the best changes for your hotel and what’s best for you and your business! Introduce the mobile apps, focus more on cleanliness, offer special discounts, offer prizes and classes! Give a customized gift basket to the hotel guests and let your guests work from the small office space in the hotel room. You can do a lot, but you have to be innovative and think outside the box.

Good luck with the new changes in the new year!

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