How to Run An Eco-Friendly Hotel ?

The new year is around the corner, and you must be thinking of ways to make your hotel unique! After all, it’s upon you to do something for the planet Earth. So it’s time to be serious and think about how we can do best for our world. One way is to make your hotel eco-friendly!

There are various ways to make your hotel eco-friendly. However, you must try your best and be willing to adapt to the change. Making your hotel eco-friendly could be your goal for the new year.

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#1. Minimize The Use of Plastic

It’s easy to spot plastic in the surroundings. First, however, you need to take measures to reduce the use of plastic. Then, you can start training your staff on how to reduce the use of plastic, and you can invest in products that are not plastic. For example, you can give bamboo combs instead of providing plastic combs to the guests. Finally, you need to research and find the best alternative to disposable plastic bottles for shampoo and lotion.

#2. Reduce The Use of Water

Train your staff to reduce water use and hang signs in your hotel to remind the guests about the importance of water. In addition, you can take advantage of social media and mention on your website the significance of water and the impact of wasting it!

#3. Go Paperless

Instead of wasting tons of paper each year, you can use online platforms, software, and other things! For example, you can launch an app for your hotel so that your guests can sign in to the hotel through the app. There are many things that you can try if you keep your mind open and are ready to take the initiative for the environment’s well-being.

#4. Educate Everyone About Recycling

Instead of throwing stuff, you can focus on recycling! Also, tell your guests why recycling is better than disposing of the items that are hard to get rid of at times! You can start workshops in the hotel and make it free for the guests. The workshops can be exciting. It can teach how to make the best use of certain products by recycling them.

#5. Put Recycling Bins In The Hotel Room

It’s best to provide recycling bins in the hotel rooms. Doing so can help collect the items that you can recycle and maybe reuse later! In addition, you may start a recycling program in the hotel and ask your guests to help you make it successful. Finally, providing the recycling bins in the hotel rooms will make the guests conscious of the environment’s well-being, as the recycling bins would serve as a reminder.

#6. Reuse The Towels

When you wash the towels, it wastes tons of water. The hotel guests can reuse their towels and not throw them on the floor unnecessarily. You can leave signs on why it’s wise to reuse the towels for the guests at the hotel.

Of course, the next guests would expect the fresh towels! But that’s a different story as you would expect the current guests to reuse the towels.

#7. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

The cleaning supplies in your hotel need to be eco-friendly. Instead of using cleaning supplies with toxic chemicals, you can get natural ones. The goal here is to make your hotel eco-friendly so keep that in mind!

Tips to Keep In Mind for The Eco-Friendly Hotel

When trying to make your hotel eco-friendly, you can keep the following tips in mind:

  • You have to ask the hotel guests to cooperate. It’s hard to work alone for the well-being of the environment. However, together you, the guests, and the staff can make a huge difference.
  • Display signs and quotes in the hotel that highlights the importance of going green! Some guests may not be aware of the goal to educate them about the importance of making the hotel eco-friendly.
  • Avoid the use of plastic bags in your hotel. Minimize its use as much as you can!
  • Train your staff! It’s a good idea to run a workshop and let others know why going eco-friendly is beneficial for the environment.
  • The toothbrush, comb, and other such items can be bamboo ones. It’s better than using the plastic versions. Try finding a supplier who can provide you with eco-friendly items.
  • It’s about getting vocal so the hotel can create awareness about going eco-friendly! They can be active on social media for a good cause and create compelling blog posts. They can make interesting videos on reducing the use of water and plastic. There are many things that a hotel can try!



1. What can you do for an eco-friendly hotel?

If you are a hotel guest, you can cooperate with the hotel staff and follow the rules and policies of the hotel. You can check the hotel’s official website to see what to expect.

2. Why running an eco-friendly hotel is vital?

There is a need to minimize the use of plastic, and also waste reduction is vital for Earth. It’s to make this world a better place for the current and coming generations.

3. What can hotels do to educate the hotel guests about the importance of being eco-friendly?

The hotels can do various things to educate the audience about the importance of being eco-friendly. For example, they can write blogs and create posts on social media. They can hang signs in the hotel about going green! They can also arrange workshops and educate the guests on reusing the towels, limiting water use, and a lot more.


Wrapping It Up

Though you are living in the age of information technology, it’s time to take action for the environment’s well-being. It can start by running an eco-friendly hotel. Then, let others proudly know about this initiative. Your guests and staff can make a massive difference by cooperating with you. Tell them that it’s about making this world a little better!

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