How To Keep Hotels Clean And Hygienic During The Pandemic

As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. A clean and hygienic environment is desired everywhere. The initial procedure, though time taking, is fairly simple. The difficult bit is turning the elaborate procedure into a regular practice and following through. Particularly now, the covid-19 situation has established the need for sanitation and hygiene. The articulate use of sanitizers, disinfectants, and soaps has increased by many folds, owing to the pandemic. Commercial establishments are a lot more attentive toward maintaining an outward appearance. This makes the actual cleaning process gets overlooked. Public health was primarily a concern for the health facilities like clinics and hospitals. And places like restaurants and hotels focused more on their presentation and decor.

The global spread of the coronavirus brought the world to a standstill. And it also made it clear that customers require an uncontaminated surrounding. For now, having fun and not getting sick is equally important. The new normal proved the need for advanced strategies to tackle the situation. And this wave of developing healthier habits is not some fad. Truth be told, this is how things are going to be. Due to the widespread of the Covid 19 epidemic, traveling and tourism had been paused. And now that the business is gradually picking up. The hoteliers should thus ensure that their hotels meet the requirements of the public. Proper planning and perfect execution of sanitary methods have become a must now. This is the easiest way to hit 2 birds with the same stone. Focusing on health and hygiene will not only improve commerce but also guarantee customer satisfaction.

This brings us to the question— how exactly can these changes be brought about. A lot of forethought and groundwork is crucial for accomplishing desired results. Certain strategies, when implemented, can bring about a massive difference. Read on to find out how you could make your lodging enterprise clean and hygienic.

Laying out a distinct outline of the cleaning measures is the very first step. The CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has put forward certain regulations that need to be followed. If one of your lodgers test positive for the pandemic virus, a 360 degree disinfecting and germ control is a must. The contact and the touch areas of the facility must be disinfected daily, at the very least.

PPE kits and essentials like sanitizers and sprays should be supplied to each staff member. Keeping extra disposable masks, both for the crew and the guests, is also a smart move. The sanitizer stations positioned at regular intervals should be immediately restocked.

Today’s world is all about the internet. Digitalization is catching up to almost every sphere of life. The mode of the transaction has changed with time. Contactless payment is the latest addition. Payment options like cash and card require touching unknown surfaces. However, with alternatives like e-wallets and online banking, the risks of infection get vastly reduced.

The technique and the cleaning products also require to be checked. You can monitor the number of disinfectants and detergents being used to prevent wastage. These days, soap dispensers and holders follow a no-touch technology, making them a popular option. The air inside can be easily filtered by air purifiers available widely. This solution can effectively counter the covid 19 pathogen along with others. Air filters also work like magic on dust particles, allergens, and such. Keeping track of how much of each product is being used. This ensures that in these trying times, nothing gets squandered

If you feel like your staff isn’t enough, hire others to do the same. Cleaning agencies can be a huge help in this regard. out there will make sure that your facility is spotless and healthy. These services are pretty affordable too. Your employees might not be able to manage their usual tasks along with the copious cleaning. Asking someone else to take care of the problem can be tough. Yet, in the long run, this can prove to be particularly advantageous.

 Label and color code the products. From mops to scrubs ensure that each individual has their belongings separated. This practice can be really helpful in containing contamination and infection.

A trained working unit can cause all the difference. Since this is something new for your employees as well, effective coaching is a must. Also, this might seem backhanded but do most of the cleaning during the day. What your clients witness is bound to make more impact and build trust. Thus, make sure that all the initiatives taken for customer benefit get exhibited to all.

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