The Ten Hotel Trends You Need to Consider in 2022 & Beyond 

The pandemic has had a significant impact on how we travel. Due to the decline in business travel, virtual conferencing and events have exploded in popularity. The development of remote work has resulted from the closure of offices. Concerns over consumer health have sparked a new generation of contactless solutions. Many people believed that these habits would be temporary. The pandemic has progressed over the previous two years. 

These once-temporary trends have become increasingly ingrained in our long-term routines. The hospitality business is growing at a rapid rate. It is impossible to keep up with all the latest hotel, travel, and hotel management trends. This guide is for you if you want to create your hotel or manage one and be the most influential hotel owner worldwide. 

What are the most recent hotel sector trends? 

From sustainable energy to new hotel designs, alternative lodging, and everything in between, these are some trends to keep an eye on. Not only is the internet of things making its way into homes, but it’s also making its way into hotel rooms. The necessary hotel amenities in a guestroom are becoming digital. 

It’s undeniable that from accessing, up to streaming services and room keys. Concierge amenities and temperature regulation at the press of a button are expected by guests. They would love voice-activated controls. 

These are becoming more sophisticated. These trends may appear futuristic now, but visitors will expect them in a few years. Many of these changes only require a few tweaks to a modern guestroom, making them easy for a forward-thinking hotelier to put in place.

1. Smart Controls 

Using a smartphone or other device like a Nest, you can change the temperature, light, and power settings. With a simple touch, this can be accomplished.

2. Smart Television 

Many guests prefer Netflix over cable. So, with Smart TV, they can choose their favorite streaming platform from a catalog of applications.

3. Smart Mirrors 

This high-tech feature combines a television screen with a mirror in the guest room. Guests can view the news, check the weather, or request hotel services via a concierge-style feature. Take a look at all the cool features that Savvy by Electric Mirror has to offer.

4. With own hotel streamer

Travelers can bring their movies and shows in their baggage with portable streaming devices. They can simply watch them if the hotel room television has a USB port. Hotels can also use Enseo. It is software that allows visitors to log in to their favorite streaming accounts.

5. Control from a Tablet 

On an in-room iPad that can stream music, visitors would like to see restaurant hours, room service menus, spa services, and local recommendations. With these, they can manage the room’s lighting and temperature. They can even make specific requests.

6. Wireless Device Charging 

Cords are a thing of the past. Whenever you place a gadget on recharging, power is transmitted from the mat to the device. To provide fast charging in bedrooms, hotels can use a platform like Chargifi.

7. Sound Proofing Technology 

The new standard for soundproofing windows uses acoustic technology. It can cut down on the noise from traffic, airplanes, and loud music. With this, nuisance calls can be minimized or stopped.

8. Video Chat with a Concierge 

Communication systems like Crave allow visitors to call, text, or video chat with hotel workers in real-time by scanning a QR code. Guests can avoid the walk down to the front desk. With this feature, employees can quickly and accurately answer inquiries or manage requests.

9. Keyless Entries

Physical room keys are no longer required. The check-in procedure is streamlined. Thanks to a keypad code, a digital version of a room key, or a smartphone application. The greatest hotel software applications will be completely integrated with keyless entry devices. So, visitors can use hotel apps to manage their entire stay.

10. Voice-activated controls 

Upgrade a smart speaker, such as the Amazon Alexa, to handle hotel-specific requests. Guests can use voice commands to ask for things like housekeeping or valet service with this technology. 

What would a futuristic hotel look like? 

Hotel design concepts emphasize art, community, and individuality. Guests want a design that represents the individuality of the place. even if it’s through local art or architecture. Some hotels make their lobby ideas or public areas show off nature. And do you know what’s great about it? It could make them more unique.

ü Eclectic design 

Hotels are experimenting with innovative lighting. Not only that, but also on their funky furniture, odd color schemes, and eye-catching artwork. Do you know the reason behind it? It can create spaces that are more than just a place to sleep.

ü Design that is hyper-local 

Guests like design that represents the destination’s personality. This is why incorporating local artists or cultural themes is a great idea. It is somehow influential and attractive to travelers.

ü The concept of indoors and outdoors 

Even in an urban setting, guests crave a connection to nature. These correlate with what has been seen in plant-filled lobbies and guestrooms.

ü Hotel chains that are environmentally friendly 

Green hotel brands are those that have a holistic focus on environmental friendliness.

ü Social spaces with an experiential component 

Hotels are getting more creative with the types of public spaces they offer. There must be a shared workspace, from kitchens to game rooms. It would make their lobby areas feel more like places where people can get to know each other.

ü Experiences with high-end art and galleries 

Hotel chains are incorporating art galleries into their on-site amenities. It could be dedicated to displaying contemporary art, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and best of all, it could be completely free. 

Final Thoughts 

Globalization will have an impact on the hotel industry around the world. As it raises worldwide incomes, more people can afford to travel. This provides hotels with both benefits and challenges in serving new tourists from various locations. 

Increased income inequality has accompanied the rise of the middle class. It has widened the gap between the top earners and the rest. High-end hotels must always come up with new and creative ways to make their guests feel special. 

Remember, luxury travelers, are always looking for unique and special things to do. That’s a fact!

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