The Most Up To Date And Updated Hotel Room Facilities And Amenities 

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in numerous different ways. Today adapting to the new normal is the key to a thriving business. Especially if you are in the hotel industry! The world had come to a standstill. Complete lockdown ensued globally. And finally, after a long hiatus, the world is getting back on its feet. People are taking pleasure trips and official tours have commenced. In this scenario, there are certain amenities that most customers expect. If you are wondering what are the latest facilities and services in the hotel industry, stop right there. Read on to find out how you can increase your business in the post-pandemic world: 

Smart Rooms And Non-Touch Policy

Most of us have become accustomed to social distancing. Maintaining proper precautions and hygiene is one of the chief concerns. Most shops and markets these days are adhering to digital, non-touch payment options. Restaurants and malls too are opting for non-cash transactions. In such a scenario, smart rooms are the future of the lodging industry. From A.C. to the fridge, most electronics can be controlled via a remote. Sometimes you can simply install a specified app mentioned by the establishments. And all gadgets in your room can be controlled from the comfort of your bed. The internet of things is fast taking over and updating the technology is a must now. This is also a hygiene precaution. Since you don’t have to touch multiple switchboards and surfaces, the risk of infection decreases drastically. 


Free Wifi And Backup 

The modern world is founded on the internet. Whether it is for work or pleasure, we are always carrying our laptops wherever we go. And this makes the internet an amenity that is a crucial hotel room service. A strong wifi connection with a good to fast speed is something every customer expects. Sure, you could watch whatever is on the T.V. But a cozy movie night in a lavish room requires the right film. With a good network service you could easily do this and so much more. And if you are on work purposes, then sometimes a last-minute change can make or break it for you. Again your room needs a net connection for that. Therefore free wifi and backup are a necessity. 

Complimentary Electronics And Charging Devices 

Your guest needs to carry a lot of luggage while traveling. Add to that, gadgets like hair straighteners and iron, and the weight increases. This is cumbersome for the client. The motto of the hotel management industry is that the customer comes first. That is why most lodging establishments these days relieve their guests of this trouble. The rooms come with a wide range of complementary electronic devices. From hair accessories to electric kettles and even an iron. Providing these facilities is bound to impress the guests. 

In-Room Gym Equipments 

Working out is not exactly something you do on a trip. However, health freaks and gym addicts love to get in their daily dose of exercise. If there is enough space inside the room, adding gym training devices like a bicycle can be huge. This acts as an added feature. And what is more, you do not have to be super healthy to stay fit right? This trend is yet to catch up though. Space is a factor when installing such features. So renovations might get tricky. But if there is space then this can boost your business. 

Valet Parking And Transportation Service 

Transportation services are an absolute must for any hotel. When a guest is coming over to stay, they expect that the hotel will take care of everything. This also includes sightseeing and transportation during the period of their stay. Since traveling can be pretty hectic a comfortable ride at the end of your adventure can be great. The hotel should be prepared for this facility. If the customer brings a car, the parking must not be their concern. That is because valet parking is another feature almost all hotels offer these days. These valets are trained drivers who ensure that no harm comes to your vehicle. 

24x 7 Reception And Restaurant Services

Truth be told, traveling can be tiring. Business tours tend to take up the entire day at times. So after your customer comes back tired, an empty reception counter is not going to make them happy. Reception services are not only required during check-ins and check-outs. There could be an emergency at any point in the day. So knowing that there is someone at the end of a call to help them out is reassuring for the guests. Similarly, you never know when you will get hungry. If a baby needs food in the middle of the night the parent needs to call the restaurant. That is why hotels these days have a 24×7 restaurant policy. Even in the middle of the night, some menus are available to order. 

Kid And Pet-Friendly Rooms 

Many young parents are scared to travel with their babies. This is because the baby’s crying could be a hindrance to the other lodgers. Similarly traveling with pets is also tough. Most fur babies are left at home or in daycares. But the latest amenity being offered by certain establishments include kid and pet-friendly rooms. This means that your child is safe from all sharp edges and corners. At the same time, the drywalls prevent the extra noises from disturbing the other guests. Pet-friendly rooms come with hairbrushes, cleaning agents, and the like for the animals. The barks and sounds made by them get covered up by the drywalls. 

So if you want to make sure your business thrives check out these latest and most updated hotel room trends. Who knows how far they help in improving commerce and expanding your clientele!

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