Valentine’s Day is coming, how to set up the hotel room~

Recently, the hotel industry has slowly recovered, and hotel room occupancy rates have begun to skyrocket. Guests who had been delayed in marriage, honeymoon, and birthday banquets due to the epidemic began to get ready to plan their trips, all of which are indispensable for the step of booking a hotel.

Today, how much does the hotel know to share with you about the decoration of rooms for special holidays. Special holidays are of extraordinary significance for guests. Therefore, he is more likely to be touched and unforgettable, and his impression of the hotel is naturally very deep.

NO.1 Romantic Arrangement for Special Holidays

The epidemic has delayed many people’s weddings, honeymoon trips, and birthday banquets. Key Keywords as inter-provincial travel, summer vacation, and holidays have driven the rapid recovery of the hotel industry, so many people put their itineraries on the agenda.

In the upcoming Qixi Festival, romantic room decoration is a big secret of the hotel’s soliciting guests. There is no need to be too complicated when decorating the guest room, just a simple layout in the more obvious area of ​​the guest room, simple and generous, clean and tidy, pay attention to aesthetics~

For example, inserting two roses into the bath belt of a bathrobe is very “scheming.” For another example, put a plate of strawberries on the bed and match it with roses or petals. Not many but very pleasant. For another example, the more popular love words can also be manipulated.

.NO.2 special holiday birthday articles

When meeting guests who have birthdays, hotels with restaurants can prepare birthday cakes and sing birthday songs for guests, while hotels without restaurants can celebrate their birthdays most simply.

Some hoteliers will feel that this is unnecessary, but it is not. The most simple way of expression will make the guests remember it more and make them feel the warmth and care of the hotel.

You can start with the linen in the guest room. The towel folding cake as shown in the figure below makes people feel very interesting and bright.

A birthday cake folded in a towel with simple embellishments can also be very creative and interesting.

NO.3 Special Holiday Proposal

Relatively speaking, the proposal of marriage needs to be done more and the layout is more complicated. Of course, customers generally give some budget. After all, the success or failure of a marriage proposal is very important to the guests, and the hotel must naturally work harder.

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