Why are the hotel and hotel towels damaged so badly?

Why are the hotel and hotel towels damaged so badly? This is a typical problem often encountered by hotel (hotel) laundry staff. Today, the hotel knows how much to help you.

1.Find the reason from the physical aspect

  1. Washing time is too long. When towels are washed in a washing machine, most of the time they are constantly rolling up and down, resulting in rubbing and friction movements. This kind of rubbing and rubbing is an important factor in washing towels, because dirty towels can’t be washed only by immersing them in lotion. This rubbing and rubbing movement not only plays the role of washing towels, but also wears them. The fiber is attached and the fastness of the towel is reduced. Therefore, controlling a reasonable washing time can reduce unnecessary wear and tear, thereby ensuring the normal washing life of the towel.
  2. During dehydration, the speed of high dewatering for several times is too high (the high dewatering speed of some automatic washing machines is too fast, and the rotation speed of the dewatering machine is too high), and the excessive centrifugal force makes the towel cotton fibers loose, just like we wring them by hand. Excessive force is the same as when towels are used to loosen the woven structure, which causes loose and damage to the middle part or the whole of the towel, and normal damage usually starts from the side.
  3. The temperature is too high, the time is too long during drying, and the cold air of some dryers is broken, which will cause the towel to be over-dried. Since the wet strength of cotton fiber is higher than the dry strength, too much drying will cause a decrease in the fastness of the towel. The spinning workshop of a textile mill has high requirements for air humidity control. When the air is slightly dry, the yarn starts to break. At this time, the spinning workers are busy connecting the ends, which affects the normal production. If the towel is overheated, the fiber will become brittle, and the fastness of the towel will decrease significantly.

2.Find the cause in chemistry: Residues of alkaline chemicals

During the washing process, the excessive water is not clear, and the chemicals formed are left in the fibers of the towel.

Although alkaline chemicals are safe for cotton fibers during the washing process and will not damage the fibers of the towel, the excessive water will cause the alkaline detergent to remain in the towel fibers. After the towel is dried, the towel will become gray. Harden and decrease in softness. As we all know, the actual use of towels and tablecloths, and bedsheets is completely different. Tablecloths and bedsheets are used under static conditions, while towels are used under dynamic conditions. Frequent kneading and wringing require the towel to be soft. Any reason the towel becomes hard may reduce the fastness of the towel.

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