Ten Features of Hotel Slipper That Make Everyone Love It

Wearing a cozy robe and warm slippers is your favorite relaxing moment while staying at a hotel. Your hotel slipper makes you feel as if you are stepping on clouds.

The most expensive ($3 million) pair of slippers in the world are Ruby Slippers, designed by Harry Winston. But, today let’s talk about the hotel slippers that are worth considering buying for home use! You may wonder what features of the hotel slipper make everyone love it. Let’s find out today!

Here are ten interesting features that let you love the hotel slippers even more:

1. Perfect Universal Size

You need not worry about the size of your hotel slippers. One size fits all! The size of the hotel slippers is between 26 cm to 29 cm. So, it doesn’t matter what your gender is as you can easily wear your slippers.

You could be wearing a US size or a European size slipper, but when you visit a hotel you can leave your worries behind. Just pick your slippers from the cupboard and enjoy your stay!

2. Beyond usual comfort

It’s not your usual slipper, it’s unusually comfortable! Yes, you heard that right, it makes you feel great! Do you know what your slippers are made of?

Your slippers can be made of:

  • Towel cloth: These will be great if you prefer breathable and moisture-proof material.
  • Velvet: If you prefer your slippers to be extra comfortable, you will love velvet hotel slippers.
  • It can also be made of cotton cloth, mesh cloth, or fabric material for clothing.

3. Beauty at its peak

The design and overall appearance look amazing. You wonder who is the amazing designer. You can marvel at the embroidery and the color of your hotel slippers.

When selecting slippers for home use, you can choose the design of your choice. It’s possible that you can see the hotel’s name printed or embroidered on the slippers. Nowadays, it’s possible to get customized designs, you just need to look at the right place.

4. Awesome freebie

Your hotel slipper is free of cost so you need not worry! However, if you want to buy one for yourself, you have to find the perfect pair at a certain price.

Some hotels may let you keep the slippers or they may simply recycle or dispose of them as the pair won’t be suitable for other customers. It’s an awesome freebie for yours to keep. In fact, you can keep it as a souvenir.

5. Anti slip soles

Don’t worry! You won’t slip in your hotel slipper as it has an anti-slip sole. The purpose of the anti-skid design is to prevent slipping. You can easily walk in your slippers even if the floor is slightly wet, but it’s better to be careful.
The bottom portion can be made of thermoplastic rubber material (TRM), Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or it could be something else! The slippers are designed to be anti-skid so that you can maintain your balance while wearing them.

6. Individually wrapped for you

It’s individually wrapped just for you. It takes you back to the time when mom used to pack special lunch just for you!! It feels great to get something that just belongs to you.

Imagine the scenario when you will go to your hotel and find tons of items waiting for you to open them! One such amazing gift is a pair of slippers wrapped for you.

7. Makes you feel luxurious

If you want to feel luxurious and special, wear your slippers. Who doesn’t want to feel like a celebrity! But the truth is that you are living a simple life that’s kind of amazing too.

Every once in a while you can treat yourself by enjoying your stay at a 4-star or 5-star hotel. You get what you pay for! And slippers are complimentary.

8. Perfect for you and your plus one

If you like, you can share your slipper with a special someone. You will find it interesting to know that your hotel slippers are playing an active role in your life. Let’s say you plan to bring it back home. Now, every time you will look at the pair, it will remind you of the good old days.

You may opt to discard the slippers, but even if you take a snap, it can be a great reminder! You can also buy a good pair from the market also. One such place to check out is Amazon.

9. Protects your precious feet

It’s not just comfortable, but it also protects your feet from getting bacteria or dust! You are protecting your feet by wearing the right pair of hotel slippers.

You may want to wear joggers, sneakers, or maybe your sandals. However, if you are seeking protection, you have to wear hotel slippers. The hotel cares for your health and your feet help you standing all day! You are working hard so now it’s time to relax and unwind. Let it go!

10. Fluffy, fuzzy, and disposable

It’s fluffy, fuzzy, cozy, and the best part is that you can dispose of it after wearing it. The warm and cozy feeling takes you out of this world. It’s like mistakenly stepping on the clouds right before the rain.

There are many things in life that are worth your admiration! Hotel slippers are undervalued. You might not realize it now, but once you go back home and put on your everyday slippers, you will know what’s missing. Maybe it’s time to buy the perfect hotel slippers for home too! Bring the cozy feeling home.

5 Tips to Keep In Mind When Finding The Perfect Hotel Slippers

There may come a time in your life when staying at home will be your priority. It’s possible that for an unforeseen reason you can’t visit your favorite hotel or there could be a lot going on around you. Under such circumstances, you may miss the old days! However, there is one thing that you can certainly do for yourself and that’s buying a hotel (like) slipper for your home use.

Keep the following in mind:

  1. Material: Buy slippers of good quality! Check the material that’s used in the making. You may have a priority such as velvet or maybe cotton. In any case, just place an order based on what the material is like!
  2. Durability: When the material is of good quality, you can expect the slippers to last longer. Another way to find durability is by checking the reviews available online. Just see what other users are sharing about their experience.
  3. Color & Design: You may prefer a decent color! It’s possible that you want your hotel-like slippers to be colorful. Look at the design and don’t just compromise on the slipper colors.
  4. Brand: Life can be a lot more interesting when it’s easy to find the right pair of slippers! All you have to do is look for the perfect brand. You can pick your favorite and it will be easy to make a final decision.
  5. Size: Don’t forget to check the size of your slippers! You can aim for the universal size if you are comfortable with it or find the perfect size for yourself. The choice is yours!!

Apart from the points mentioned above, you may be buying slippers for your guest room. If you want your guests to feel special and want them to get the hotel-like special feeling, you can invest in the right pair of hotel slippers. Just aim for the features mentioned above and you will love the new hotel slippers!

Wrapping It Up
The hotel slippers make you feel special! It makes you remember the time when you were a kid and bought your first cozy pair of slippers. The cozy feeling makes you love it even more!

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