How about the hotel razor?

How about using a special razor in a hotel? For men, shaving every day is also indispensable. Razors, shaving cream, shaving lotion, etc. are essential “beauty tools” for every adult male in daily life. It can ensure that men are radiant and handsome in daily work, dating, and life. Many men use special razors, so razor blades are still very common for men. If you want to use the special razor blade for a longer time, you must carry out reasonable maintenance. The following specifically introduces some ways to maintain the razor blade for everyone, let’s take a look.

If you want to take good care of the razor blade, after using the razor, be sure to place the razor blade in a relatively dry environment. If it is placed in a humid place, it is particularly easy to rust the razor blade.

Tips for manual shaver:

1. Clean the position of the beard first

Wash the razor and your hands, and wash the area where your beard is.

2. Use warm water to soften the beard

Slap warm water on your face to open up your pores and soften your beard. Apply shaving foam or shaving cream to the area to be shaved, wait for 2 to 3 minutes, and then start shaving.

3. Scrape from top to bottom

The steps of shaving usually start with the upper cheeks on the left and right sides, then the beard on the upper lip, and then the corners of the face. The general principle is to start with the sparsest part of the beard and put the thickest part at the end. Because the shaving cream stays longer, a beard can be further softened.

4. Clean the blade

Every time after use the razor, you can use the small razor brush to thoroughly clean the blade. If the blade is not cleaned for a long time, there will be a lot of beard debris on the blade. The skin oil solidifies together, which will affect the sharpness of the razor during subsequent use.

5. Replace the razor blade in time

How to choose a razor? 1. Depend on your habit. The choice of a razor should also be determined according to personal preferences and habits. If you are a man who needs to travel on business, you can choose a razor that is more convenient to carry, and it is better to choose a rechargeable razor. A shaver is better. And those who like to shave in the bath should choose a non-slip razor so that there will be no accidents. 2. Depend on the beard. You need to choose the right razor to depend on your beard. If you have a thicker beard, you can choose a swinging razor to achieve a better shaving effect. People who don’t need to shave every day if the beard is not thick can choose a rotary razor, which can shave fairly quickly and achieve better shaving results. 3. Depending on the choice of skin, so when we choose a razor, we still have to see whether our skin can accept it. Everyone’s skin is different. If we use it wrong, it will cause skin allergies, which is counterproductive. So you must choose a razor that will not harm your skin.

How about a hotel razor? Tip: According to personal preference, you need to cushion the direct contact between the skin and the razor. You must use shaving oil or shaving foam, which can soften the roots and moisturize the skin. Using a soft-textured badger hair shaving brush can reduce water loss and have a better effect.

If you are used to using electric shavers, remember to use blade oil. Blade oil can play a very good lubricating effect, thereby protecting your skin and the razor.

After shaving: Shave your beard and take care of it. After shaving, you need to use moisturizing cream to repair the skin and gently protect the skin. Note: Avoid using aftershave products that contain excessive alcohol, otherwise it will dry out the skin.

Special razors are a face-seeking era. Men are paying more and more attention to their appearance. In addition to basic skincare, the daily work that must be done is shaving.

But most people think that the beard is not thick, just do it casually, and don’t care to choose what kind of razor, but you have to know that incorrect shaving can also cause damage to the skin, such as shaving. Or the skin feels dry and itchy and painful after shaving.

Choice of razor

Men choosing a razor is like choosing skincare products. A set of skincare products that are not suitable for their skin type will not only improve the skin condition but also make it worse. The same is true for razors. There are no more than two types of men’s razors, manual and electric. Which one you choose depends on the softness and density of your beard and the desired shaving time.

Men’s manual razor

Suitable for the crowd: men with hard, thick, and long stubble;

Advantages: no noise, cleaner shave;

Disadvantages: It takes a long time to move, apply shaving cream before use to soothe and protect the skin.

Men’s electric shaver

Suitable for the crowd: men with soft stubble and pursuit of speed;

How about special razors for hotels? Manual razors use physical principles to shave beards or other unwanted body hair. They are self-service tools that not only meet the needs of cleaning but have also become a trend in fashion grooming.

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