Are Hotel Slippers Complimentary ?

Away from the hustle and bustle of life, you are enjoying your day at a comfortable hotel. Stepping on the hotel slippers is the best feeling in the world or maybe the second best as you devour the first sip of coffee! You may wonder, are hotel slippers complimentary? If so, you’re in the right place. 

Some hotels may let you keep the slippers or they may simply dispose of the slippers when you leave! The hotel slipper could be all yours to keep, but when in doubt ask the front desk. 

Read on for more information. 

5 Benefits of Hotel Slippers 

You may feel the hotel slippers are just for comfort, but there is a lot more! You may wonder why a hotel will let you keep the slippers, consider the following: 

#1. Free Branding 

One reason the hotels will be giving away the free slippers is because of free branding. Think about it! When you wear the slippers and your friends see the logo of the hotel, they will remember it. It kind of stays at the back of the mind. So, it’s a win-win for you and the hotel. The free slippers are great for branding! You do understand word-of-mouth marketing and in this case, your slippers are doing a great job! There is a reason why hotels would put a logo on the hotel slippers. It serves an important purpose! 

#2. Care for Customers

When you get complimentary slippers from the hotel, it shows exceptional customer service. It highlights how important you are to the hotel. It’s a great way to show they care for you! So next time when you plan a trip, you may want to stay at the same hotel. When you make a buying decision, think about the companies, brands, or hotels you like. Now, think about why you prefer these places in the first place. 

#3. Excellent Reminder 

The complimentary slippers will be an excellent reminder of the vacations you had with your kids. It can remind you of the good old days. You may want to save the hotel slippers in your collection box so that one day you can sit back, relax, and take out the things that serve as a reminder of days when you were young! Maybe your kids will want to stay at the same hotel because of the hotel slippers they remember. 

#4. Great for Feet 

The hotel slippers are great for your feet! You may get complimentary hotel slippers, but it’s also possible that you may want to order some slippers as they are great for your feet. Wearing comfy hotel slippers makes you feel special. Nowadays, it’s easy to order from Amazon. You can find a suitable brand or check the material you prefer the most. Based on your preferences, you can place the order online. 

#5. Warm And Cozy 

You will love the free hotel slippers during winter. The warm and cozy feeling will remind you how unique the slippers are and again you will remember your stay! You may even want to collect hotel slippers as you know a certain hotel gives them for free! When you wear the cozy slippers and enjoy the warmth of a coffee cup in your hand, it will be mesmerizing. With hotel slippers on your feet, you may travel back in time (in your memories). 

Tips to Keep In Mind for Hotel Slippers 

You’re indeed fond of hotel slippers, but it’s also important that you know how to make the most of them. 

Consider the following: 

● Some hotel slippers are made of flimsy material, so they may start wearing off as you get them. You may want to keep them secure if you want to save them as a souvenir. 

● If you get complimentary hotel slippers and don’t want to use them, you may try giving them to a charity. The unwrapped and new hotel slippers are better to give as you don’t want to pass any germs. 

● If you are not sure whether the hotel slippers are complimentary or not then you better ask the front desk.

● Each hotel is different, so you may not get the hotel slippers at the display. You can call the front desk and ask if they provide slippers especially if you forgot to pack yours. 

● You may want to reuse the hotel slippers after some time. If the slippers are dirty try washing them with a soft brush, but the material has to be durable enough that it can bear warm water, mild soap, and brush. 

There are also other items that you can take with you such as hotel soaps, shampoo, lotions, and a lot more. If not sure, always ask the front desk. Plus, you can check the price list of the hotel to see what’s included and what’s not

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