Do Hotels Reuse The Slippers?

Imagine your last trip to your favorite destination. You stayed at your favorite hotel, but the hotel slippers were your favorite! What happens when you leave the hotel slippers behind? Do hotels reuse these slippers?

Well, if you are a guest, you’ll certainly not want to wear slippers of another guest. Plus, who wants the toenail fungus or any other germs! So, ideally, a reputable hotel must not reuse the slippers. They may recycle or dispose of these slippers! It also depends on where you stay.

You never know what the policy of the hotel is! You may try to find as much information as possible, but it’s possible at a certain hotel could be reusing the slippers and that’s why you search for reviews.

Now that you know reusing the slippers won’t be ideal, it’s time to find the best hotel.

Here are some tips:

#1. Read Reviews Online to Know The Realty

When selecting a reputable hotel, it’s wise to check the reviews online. You’ll know what other people are sharing about their experiences. If a certain hotel is providing slippers that are used by other guests then you would know! It’ll be better to find a suitable hotel for your stay.

When people are not happy with the customer service, they leave comments or reviews behind. The purpose of such reviews is to share the experience (positive or negative) with others. When you tell others what you felt, it will be easy for someone to decide or plan the vacation accordingly. Your review helps! You can also leave your comments if you are happy or angry about the services. You may find some people complaining about the hotel supplies in the comment that will give you a fair idea.

#2. Check Online Forums

If you find slippers to be dirty or weird, it’s time to dig a discussion online. You can check forums and see what other people have to say! If you are not happy with the services, you can also leave feedback so that other customers would know about the hotel.

At times you may not find enough information via reviews. Some companies may even go to the extent of generating fake reviews, which is why it’s a good idea to check the online discussion. You never know until you search for the hotel slippers and see what the hotel has to offer.

#3. Check The Slippers Thoroughly And Ask The Front Desk

When you get the hotel slippers, check them thoroughly. If they look used, it’s better to return and ask for a new pair. Show your concern that you found the slippers used or dirty. It’s better to let the hotel know that you note such things and won’t appreciate them.

If the hotel you are staying at doesn’t seem clean then it’s better to avoid using the slippers! You can use your slippers at the hotel. Your gut feeling can tell you when the slippers are not brand new!

You can call and ask the front desk whether they provide new slippers! If they say the slippers are new, you can tell your concern that you have is slightly dirty. It’s better to ask for a new one. Mostly, the hotels won’t be rewashing the slippers and the guests won’t like it too, but you never know!

Hotel Etiquettes

When staying at a hotel, there are certain etiquettes to follow. You should know what you can take home and what to leave behind. For example, hotel slippers are yours in most cases. If not sure, you can ask the front desk.

You can’t take the towels, TV, bathrobe, iron, kettle, and other such items. The purpose of all such items is to make your stay comfortable at the hotel. However, hotel shampoo, soap, lotion, and other such items are yours to take. When in doubt, always ask! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Although a hotel must not be giving you any used items, you also need to know the etiquette of staying at a hotel. The hotel property belongs to the hotel and you are just a visiting guest. So make sure you know what’s included in the price list and what’s not. Make your stay memorable by enjoying your time.

Final Words

Ideally, the hotels provide brand new slippers to the guests. The slippers used by the guests should be disposed of or some hotels may recycle these! In any case, you should be getting wrapped hotel slippers that look fresh, cozy, and brand new. If you’re not sure whether the hotel slippers you get are brand new or slightly used, it’s always better to ask the front desk. You can ask for a new pair of hotel slippers.

Tell us in the comments about your experience with the hotel slippers. How were they and would you like to get similar hotel slippers for home?

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