How to disinfect hotel slippers ?

Some hotels offer reusable slippers to protect the environment and save money. These slippers must strictly follow the scientific cleaning and disinfection process to let guests rest assured. The disinfection process of hotel slippers is as follows.

1. The hotel slippers to implement one guest one disinfection system.

2. The disinfection of slippers must be carried out in the disinfection room.

3. The facilities in the slippers disinfection room are for slippers disinfection only, and no one can use them for other purposes.

4. Slippers must be disinfected in batches. Slippers must not be added to the disinfecting bucket at will during the disinfection process.

5. Disinfection procedures: Disinfection shall be carried out according to the following procedures.

1. Collect items to be disinfected: Room service staff will collect used slippers and send them to the disinfection room.

2. Scrub the slippers in the decontamination bucket.

3 The configuration of disinfection solution: take “84” disinfectant as an example, in the disinfection pool according to the concentration of 1:100 ratio of preparation, other disinfection solution according to the instructions. To prepare drugs, use measuring cups or cylinders and other measuring tools, and the concentration must be accurate. Disinfection drugs with sanitary approval documents must be selected.

4. Thoroughly soak the decontaminated slippers in the disinfection bucket for more than 30 minutes.

5 After disinfection, wash the slippers in the cleaning bucket.

6. After disinfection, put the slippers in the disinfection room for drying and preservation, and pay attention to dustproof.

7. Each time after the completion of disinfection should be truthfully recorded.

8. This system only applies to non-disposable slippers

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