The pros and cons of using hotel disposables

Hotel disposable products are the most important category of hotel room supplies. Due to the high consumption of disposable products, they are often regarded as non-saving and wasteful performances. They are criticized by many people. For this reason, we simply analyze the advantages and disadvantages of hotel disposable products and disposable products.

The benefits of hotel disposables

  1. Hygiene: The paper packaging of hotel supplies is disposable and hygienic. For example, toiletries, toothbrushes, etc. must not be used by this guest before being used by the next guest. They must be changed for each guest.
  2.  Recyclability: Most disposable products can be recycled, such as paper and plastic. At present, there are specialized companies collect recycled plastics. The recycled plastics can be re-made into garbage bags, garbage cans and other products, so the cost is lower than the direct purchase price of raw materials.

3. Tableware: Disposable tableware is most conducive to hygiene, and it is a better choice for some restaurants that are not skilled in washing skills.

4. Misunderstanding (1): About 90% of people think that disposable products will pollute the environment, but this is not true. Proper use of disposable products will not cause excessive pollution to the environment.

5. Misunderstanding (2): Although disposable products have an impact on the environment, some of the pollution has been recycled.In fact, non-saving is the main cause in destroying the environment.

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