Can You Wash Hotel Slippers 

The hotel slippers will remind you of your stay and probably the best vacation you had with your family at your favorite hotel. The hotel slippers are lightweight and cozy for your feet. 

Have you ever wondered if you can wash the hotel slippers? 

Some people want to travel light and thus, they will forget to pack the slippers. The hotel slippers solve the issue by providing you the comfort you deserve. If you have a soft spot for slippers, you would love to keep the pair with you. However, the hotel must allow you the slippers to take home. 

Let’s find out more about it! 

Washing The Hotel Slippers 

Most hotels don’t rewash the slippers. Let’s put it this way! Would you like to wear slippers that are rewashed? However, once you take them home and they are yours, that’s a different story. To wash the hotel slippers, the material must be durable. If the slippers are composed of flimsy material, they won’t last long. 

You want the hotel slippers to walk on the hotel room floor. Depending on where you stay, the quality of the hotel slippers may vary. So you have to treat and clean them accordingly. 

Also, don’t forget to check the room’s price list. If you see hotel slippers listed, it’s to buy! You can also ask the front desk about the slippers just to be sure and on the safe side. 

The good news is that some of the slippers are washable. Let’s say you are washing the cotton slippers then try the following: 

Use Washing Machine 

You can wash the cotton slippers in the washing machine. These are made purely of cotton and thus, washing would be easy! But make sure you use warm water for washing because there are chances the slippers may shrink. Use a gentle cycle for washing the cotton slippers. 

If you are afraid that the slippers may go out of shape then you can use a washing machine bag for washing the slippers. Try this method and share your result in the comments. 

Use Sink or Small Tub 

Another way to wash the hotel slippers that are made of cotton is by using the sink/tub method. You can fill water in the sink/tub. You can use warm water to remove all the dirt and debris. 

● Use mild laundry detergent for cleaning the hotel slippers. It’s better if you follow the instructions on the bottle of the laundry detergent to make the most of it. 

● Gently scrub the slippers with your hand. Hand washing the slippers can be safe especially if you are not sure of the durability of the hotel slippers. Be gentle when washing the slippers. 

● You can leave the slippers in soapy water for 10 minutes. 

● Next, you have to rinse the slippers thoroughly such that all the soap is out from them. 

● You can fill the sink/tub with clean water and leave the slippers in it for 10 minutes. The purpose is to clean it thoroughly. 

● Later, use a towel to absorb excess water in the slippers. You can also use paper towels. Be gentle when drying the slippers as you can affect the shape. 

● If you want to dry the slippers quickly, you can use your blowdryer in a warm setting. 

● Let the slippers air dry while you enjoy your day! 

Tips to Keep In Mind When Washing Hotel Slippers

When you are trying to wash or clean the hotel, keep the following points in mind: 

● If the backing material is paper-like, it probably would be hard to wash the slippers. Some slippers are disposable and the material is such that it would be hard to wash. 

● If you are using cold water to wash the cotton slippers in the washing machine, it may shrink. 

● Don’t use bleach or strong chemicals for washing the hotel slippers. 

● Also, check the material before treating your slippers. For example, for velvet, you may try using water and a mild detergent with a gentle brush. You have to see what works best for your hotel slippers. The material has to be durable otherwise, the slippers may break. 

● Use baby wipes to gently clean the inside of the slippers. Try removing hair or any other dirt from the slippers first. 

● You can use a gentle brush. If you have an old or extra toothbrush, you can try cleaning the slippers with it. Make sure you are not being harsh while using the brush for cleaning the slippers. 

● If your slippers have a rubber sole, it’s easy to wash in the washing machine. Otherwise, if the bottom isn’t that durable, you may want to try hand washing such slippers. 

Final Words 

It’s possible to wash the hotel slippers, but it largely depends on the material and durability of the hotel slippers. If you are buying the hotel slippers from Amazon, you can easily find the instructions to clean the slippers the right way! 

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