Why should you put your logo on hotel slippers?

The guests who accept the hospitality of your hotel deserve nothing but the best. It is only natural to want to give them the ultimate hotel experience. Going the extra mile to achieve that is often no big deal. That is why you should upgrade the regular hotel slippers. Embossing the company logo on the regular disposable hotel slippers is a great way to do that!

What weightage does the logo of the hotel carry?

The logo of your hotel is the symbol that embodies the ideals of the establishment. It essentially works as the adhesive that can hold together the entire hotel and its staff. The logo of your hotel conveys the uniqueness of the idea that birthed the establishment. It also stands for the promise to give your guests nothing but the best! The weightage carried by the hotel logo is immense. It would certainly be worth it to convey to your guests all that it stands for. Embossing it on the hotel slippers can be a great way to incorporate it into your guests’ stay at your hotel.

Why should you emboss the logo onto the hotel room slippers you provide for your guests?

The hotel logo is perhaps the best way to get the ideals of the establishment across to your guests. Finding ways to incorporate into your guests’ stay at the hotel in little ways can add to the novelty factor of your hotel. The hotel slippers are a part of the in-room service. Every guest requires them. So, there is no way that hotel slippers with the logo embossed will elude your guests’ attention!

They create a wonderful first impression

Walking around with bare feet can be uncomfortable. The hotel slippers are likely to be one of the very first in-room services your guests will use. Impressing the hotel logo onto the hotel slippers can be a great way to ensure that your hotel makes a great first impression. The impact of the exclusive logo goes a long way!

They can help promote the hotel establishment

Of course, the logo embodies the ideals that conceived the hotel establishment. It is only natural that the logo will contribute to the promotion of the establishment as well.

They add to the aesthetic value of the room in general

The aesthetic properties of the rooms can carry great emphasis. It is often a priority to deck the room up as pleasantly as possible. Hotel slippers with the logo embossed on them can contribute to the aesthetic value of the room.

They add exclusivity

The logo of the hotel shoulders immense importance. Including it in the in-room service for your guests can support the high-end image of the hotel. It adds to the exclusivity factor by vouching for the quality of the slippers. By extension, it also vouches for the quality of service your guests can expect.

What are you waiting for? Incorporating logo-embossed hotel slippers into the in-room service for your guests will work wonders for the image of your hotel. This is your sign to make the promising investment!

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