Slippers Suitable For Budget Hotels

Plastic slippers that can be worn repeatedly once occupied the mainstream. With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for hygiene have gradually increased. Disposable slippers are gradually replacing plastic slippers in hotels and other hotels.
Why choose disposable slippers ?
Because it has better hygiene, water resistance, slip resistance, and air permeability. Due to the various features of disposable slippers planning, disposable slippers have various advantages, such as ventilation, waterproof and slip resistance, water absorption, and so on. In this way, disposable slippers will have anti-slip effects when worn. Given these advantages, the hotel can choose disposable slippers. Because guests not only like clean slippers, but also very comfortable slippers. Hotel disposable slippers are very simple and very comfortable to wear. Although the production of disposable slippers is relatively simple and the cost is lower, its comfort and softness are beyond doubt, and it is very comfortable to wear.
According to the survey, there are still some hotels that do not provide disposable slippers but can be re-worn plastic slippers. Although this saves the hotel costs, it may also cause various diseases due to sanitary problems, which greatly reduces the guest’s complaint to the hotel. Favorability, it is difficult to win repeat customers. Today, when focusing on experience, hotel managers must not lose sight of small things. It is very important to choose disposable slippers that fit the positioning of the hotel (guesthouse) where they are located.
How to choose disposable slippers ?
At the moment, there are also some media reports about guests claiming compensation for wearing disposable slippers at the hotel. This is related to the slippers chosen by the hotel. The uppers of disposable slippers on the market are mostly made of non-woven fabric or paper. The sole is plastic and there is a thin layer of sponge in the middle. It is divided into non-slip and non-slip. It is recommended that the hotel should choose a relatively thick sole when purchasing. , The anti-skid groove is added, so that it is not easy for guests to slip, and it does not reduce disputes and troubles. Hotel slippers are one of the must-have items for the hotel’s disposable products. There are many types of disposable slippers. It is mainly classified according to the fabric, the value is from low to high, non-woven fabric, velvet, brushed pile, short pile, towel, cut pile, waffle. Generally speaking, non-woven slippers are often used in small hotels and hotels. Velvet brushed plush, short plush is generally used in mid-range hotels. The best material is towels. Towel slippers can be used by guests in winter. Because of their good thermal insulation properties, they surpass other slippers in terms of waterproofing and water absorption. They are used in hotels above 3 stars.

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